Where are the Heroes?

Can it really be true that there is not one wise man among us who can lead the country? No heroes? No one who can truly judge another brother? Let’s hope that “we the people” will not stay mute and be taken under by the power of those who destroy everything in their path.

I remember in my college psychology class that the professor was astounded at the hype and honor bestowed on Elvis Presley when he died back in the late 70’s. He was a good singer, but he died because he was drunk on dope. She asked, “Where are our real heroes?” The media was crazy with adoration for Presley. I didn’t give much thought to that back then for the lack of wisdom at the time. But now, as I look at how far our country leaders have slipped into the black murky mud of evil and selfish power, I understand what this professor was driving at.

Yet as each day unfolds and we remind ourselves that God is in command of this planet and it is His will that is operating, we can simply lean on Him and go forward with joy and purpose.

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