Scrape Up What is Left

Scrape Up What Is Left

How many fresh perspectives does it take to help settle life’s problems?

The truth is that solving problems and making it to number one simply means you are where you should be — having a place and a plan you can follow. However, accomplishments, a dream career, a great marriage, and having a perfect family do not guarantee happiness. So the real question is: what is #1 and what does it mean?

For most of us it takes a lifetime for us to recognize our true calling — and sometimes we are cast into prison (so-to-speak) to find out what we are supposed to be doing.

Serious goal-seeking people generally have questions that never stop…questions like, what about the sweat equity put into a project or a child only to see it fail? Where is God when things go wrong? Where is God when a loved one suddenly gets sick and dies?

When the prison door locks behind us, it is there we must find the answer.

I confess, I am so “literal” that I often want to debate the Apostle Paul and sometimes even God. I become part of the human traffic on Jacob’s ladder – clinging to Heaven’s ropes. The truth is that everything points to the moral laws of God, which will always stand up against the person who seeks to be their own guide and tends to question everything.

I believe the issues we face are often caused by our own desires, even in the sorrow we face and the hope for relief. I say this because God never stacks the deck against us. So whatever we face, we must never quit, but always welcome and wait for God. (Oh so hard to do sometimes.)

Today is your day for a new perspective — to scrape up whatever is left of something that has gone wrong. God needs only a crumb to work with – but then, He can work even without that!

My new book of encouraging short stories and challenges regarding our culture, insights to moral conduct, help to find Jesus.

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