We Are Better Than This

Today I feel compelled to remark about what appears to be a type of “madness” within the chambers of our government.

Looking through a clear and un-jaundice eye, who among us would dispute the fact that the state of our Union is in disarray and a frenzied hysteria has emerged due to both hatred and bullying – all of it coming together in head-to-head conflicts. It is the consequences of this high plane of disorder that is troubling me and no doubt troubling you. Those of us who truly love our country contemplate the grave implications of this hateful behavior and know that eventually, if not checked, it will seriously destroy us. To be honest, the consequences of this government chaos bothers me a lot, and actually follows me everywhere. I check over my shoulder wherever I go. I refrain from political conversations. I find I am thinking about it even in the grocery store.

I catch myself considering if I should bulk-buy everything that is on sale at Kroger — thinking that our nation might suddenly crumble and everything is lost. That’s a little steep, but I do wonder if I need a pantry stocked with several months of food in the event the Stock Market crashes and the banks freeze. Oh, and this too — when I pass a gas station, should I top my gas tank off in case I might have to make a sudden escape to a safer place. This is ridiculous, but the result of the turmoil in our government, and the entire world for that matter. 

Regardless of where each of us stand politically, we cannot deny that there is trouble in Washington and that our nation is in a serious state of affairs that very easily could get out of hand.

The headlines in the news this morning read like this:

-Whistleblower Complaint against Trump set for release.  -Biden’s $50,000 a month salary is suggested as okay.
-Pelosi nails Trump with impeachment inquiry.
-Cracks emerge among Senate Republicans after release of Ukraine calls.
-Hundreds cheer at Trump Rally while Congress scurries for impeachment.

The best question any of us can ask at this point is: Can a house divided against itself survive? What do you think?

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One thought on “We Are Better Than This

  1. Janet Connors says:

    Mary you are spot on! There is such hatred in our country that I fear it might come to a head, perhaps in the form of a catastrophe event. There is obviously a shortage of love and instead an abundance of power and greed. I pray for our leaders and hope good will overcome evil. Thank you for speaking out on today’s ridiculous news and events, and pointing out the lack of those actions not in line with Gods’ teaching.


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