2020 – A New Year with New Hope, Maybe a New World

I’m sure you would agree that there is nothing greater in the “joy bell arena” than to find new ways of overcoming our weaknesses. You and I know all about the thrill of victory and the  agony of defeat. As life goes on, we encounter obstacle after obstacle. Yet our hope, our dignity, and our laughable madness is what makes us believe in ourselves and keep us moving in the right direction.

The greatest failure is to fail to try, and I am not just preaching to the choir, but to myself. For I have 2 books floating around in my mind — in that creative part of me that is always working — and I know if I give up I may dry up and blow away.

You too, have perhaps given up just when, with a bit of persistence and belief in yourself, you would have made it! 

So often when all seems lost and useless to keep trying, the breakthrough comes.

I honestly do not indulge in New Year resolutions.  It’s like starting a new diet that never works. What I like to do instead is to make a covenant with God and ask for His help. It doesn’t always work, because I still have a lot of responsibility to perform. But at least I have the recognition that something needs to be done somewhere in my life.

The world is dangerously slipping into confusion and chaos. Signs are everywhere that if we don’t pull things together we will be lost. 2020 means perfect vision. To have this perfection it often takes glasses to see better. I like to think of “spiritual” glasses, worn to help us discover what we personally need to discover about ourselves that will carve out a new mind set and start the joy bells ringing.  The new decade of 2020 may likely bring multiple changes for all of us. Let’s not be afraid to face them. Get your glasses on and see your greatest potential…..right where you are, right where you live. Make it a great start to a new “you”.

This year is my last year to have – in print by my publisher – my book: “Take Charge of Your Destiny” by Mary Cates — featured on http://amazon.com

You, or a loved one, or a friend might find just the right words in this book to inspire the “new you”.  Log into amazon (above) right now and ask for Mary Cates Books.  Click on “Take Charge of Your Destiny” by Mary Cates and order it now….order several as gifts to help those you love perhaps find the right word, the right thought, just the right morsel to get back on track. The book has a discount price. Also great for Bible studies too.  As this book becomes a success with my publisher, I will be able to keep writing. Thank you so much!    The book cover is featured here:

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