We Believe in Second Chances

I listened to President, Donald Trump give recognition to “Former Prisoners” in Las Vegas last week. He said to them: “We believe in second chances” – which was an inspiration that they had a second chance to move on and make something better out of their life.

Where would you and I be today without second chances?  Like when we were kids and a teacher gave us another chance to make a better grade on a test, or as adults when a police officer says: “I’m just giving you a warning this time.” It could even be the second chance we get when someone forgives us and we get a second chance to nurture a relationship.  

There are many success stories of people who have failed at first, but they kept trying and finally got it right. Many famous people had second chances to get it right. Like the wire in the hand of Alexander Graham Bell that became a telephone, or the spark inside a small glass dome in the workshop of Thomas Edison that became electricity. The vaccines and anti-biotics that finally work, after several attempts in the laboratories.  Without second chances to keep trying, our world would be much different.

The greatest “second chance stories” are perhaps those found in the Bible. Like the repenting thief hanging on a cross next to Jesus. The Lord said to him, “Today you will be with me in paradise“.  Or to the adulteress who heard the words from Jesus, “neither do I condemn you – go and sin no more.”

Sometimes it’s hard to give a second chance when we’ve been taken advantage of. Harder yet, to forgive when someone has really hurt us deep. 

I believe in second chances because I often need them, and thankfully I have had many. 


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