Hello 30-Day Kitchen!

I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen now that Americans are basically staying at home. Maybe the only good about this is that I can stay in my p.j.s until noon, refrain from making my bed, and let the dusting and vacuuming go a few days longer. No one will be visiting, and that truly is the sad part about being in quarantine.

Well, for sure my husband George is hunkering down fairly well because he’s getting some really great meals. I’m in the kitchen more, now that we are not eating out.

I’m really not complaining. I’m thankful. I’m finding something every day to thank God for. I am thankful that – for now – we are not sick with Corona. And my joy in God’s protection and His presence finds me humming while cooking and baking, and even singing when disinfecting the counters and the frig handles. Hello 30-day kitchen. I love you!

Just the other day I baked some delicious spare ribs. Today, it’s homemade chili with cornbread. Tomorrow, who knows! King David wrote about the joy of eating. He said: You, God, satisfy our mouths with good food. He also said that the loving kindness of our LORD is from everlasting to everlasting. And I am finding that true, even while wiping tears when I see the terrible effects of Corona. Somehow I know deep in the depths of my faith that God is in control, and trusting Him is what He wants all of us to do, and truly it is good food for the soul.

I’m thinking that before this pandemic is over Americans my emerge with a few extra pounds because we are all indulging in “comfort food” and eating more because of boredom. Well, at least in my kitchen that’s how it’s going. The pantry door is opened more. The bathroom scale shows 3 pounds up. Gotta work on that!!

In closing today, here’s an easy recipe for something that compliments your cup of coffee in the morning: Roll out biscuit dough into a half inch rectangle. Generously butter it. Sprinkle the buttered dough with cinnamon and brown sugar. Roll it up. Cut it into 1-1/2 inch wide biscuits. Bake. Glaze with powered sugar. Voila! Something to comfort the soul while you thank God for His love and protection and start your day with someone you love.

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