To Touch the Hem of His Robe

I look to God from whence my help comes.

Most of us cannot fully comprehend the emotional and physical stress that the Corona Virus is causing those who have contracted the disease, and those who have loved ones fighting it. Unless we are there in the ring with them, we can only imagine.

So what should we do?

For the great majority of us, every day simply seems to run haplessly into another while we remain basically locked down. The fear of being around people who might have the disease has brought us to ordering groceries on-line and letting someone else pick our tomatoes and lettuce. We wander distractedly around the house trying to get enthused about cleaning out kitchen cabinets or polishing our tiled floors. We long for warm weather to just sit on our patios and enjoy the sun. Reality is harsh. We can’t go anywhere for fear of getting the Corona virus, and if we do go, we better have a mask on and our travel had better be essential.

What is it that we should be doing? That’s the 64-thousand dollar question as we wait for this microscopic bug to wind itself down.

As with every calamity in history, the thing most needed seems to be the most hard to do — to put our faith into dynamic force and pray that God will intervene for the health of our country and the world, and those who are suffering.

I thought recently of the woman in the new testament who needed healing. She had been struggling with a physical issue for a long time. She knew about Jesus. She heard that He was healing the blind and restoring the crippled. Her faith grew to the point that if she could just touch the hem of His robe she would be healed. You know the story – she pushed her way through the crowd and touched the hem of His garment. Christ felt her faith the moment her fingers touched Him.

Thinking about her, I realized that it is going to take faith and perseverance to get through this virus calamity. We need to touch the hem of Christ’s robe, so-to-speak. We need faith to believe that God is still in our midst and still loving us – still healing.

Prayer seems to be all that many of us can do right now, unless we are on the front-lines working to save lives in the hospital. But in either case – be it prayers or deeds – it all adds up. And it is God who will be the ultimate hero. Our prayers and support are just part of the rescue plan.

May God put His blessing on everyone that is struggling for healing and upon those who are fearful. May we feel His love. May we know and experience His mercy and kindness.

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