Run to Him

I came across this the other day. I think you’ll enjoy it.

There was a wagon train crossing the prairie. The caravan traveled up and over a hill and the people became immediately terrified when they saw a huge prairie fire racing toward their direction. It seemed as if they would surely be engulfed by the flames. But the leader quickly rode to the rear of the caravan and set fire to the dry grass behind them. The same winds that were blowing the fierce fire toward them was now fanning this fire behind the caravan, quickly burning up the grass behind them. Within minutes they backed their wagons onto the burned-off area. As the heat and smoke from the fire ahead became more intense, a little girl cried out, “Are you sure we’re safe?” “Oh, yes,” said the wagon master, “we’re safe because we are standing now where the fire has already been!”

I hope you’re getting the spiritual connection.

True security and safety is not the absence of danger, but the presence of Christ in us. He is our hiding place……the safe ground upon which we stand. We know that He often allows – and even sends – rough winds which make the limb we hang onto rock and sway so furiously until we finally see and understand that earth and its pleasures are not the place God wants us to build upon. It is then we run to our secret hiding place of safety and comfort, which is in Him.

I often look at this Holy Hiding Place as a picture of someone running to meet their spouse, or a child running to their parent because they need their arms of safety around them. I hope you know this Hiding Place.

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2 thoughts on “Run to Him

  1. Diane Siemers says:

    Hi Mary,
    I loved the analogy in this story. It is so great that we have a God we can run to in times of trouble and in times of good. I enjoyed the song, although the link didn’t work for me but I was able to go to You Tube ad type in “You Are My Hiding Place”. I really enjoy your writing.


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