Arrived At Last


This is a great day for me! At last my book has been released and is available on Amazon at

This is a dream come true for me. As far back as the 8th grade I have carried a desire to write. Although my formal education is in the medical field, this long abandoned desire has made its way to the surface and is now a reality. Ambassador International Publishers, located in Greenville, South Carolina has helped to make the dream continue. They are a Christian publisher and a US affiliate of Emerald Publishing in the United Kingdom, where the headquarters are located in Bingley, England. Ambassador’s faith in me has spurred me on, and I will have two more novels released the end of this year and into 2022.

Here is a short “tease” of the story. . .

Hidden in Irish Hills is a novel that begins with a surprise military action that unfolds in the Mediterranean Sea, and threatens world peace. Rachael Carson, a wealthy real estate tycoon, decides to flee her New York City penthouse and move to her mansion in Irish Hills. With the impending world takeover by The Ten Great Nations in the back of her mind, she plots to save her wealth and rescue persecuted victims with the help of her beloved maid, Maggie. Together, as they are Hidden in Irish Hills, they take an enormous risks by launching a top-secret plan and help homeless victims find their way to the mansion. However, their mission brings them two unexpected guests when Dr. Kendall arrives at the mansion with an abandoned baby they come to call “Baby Beth.” The presence of Baby Beth has a healing touch on everyone. Her laughter and googling help to keep anxiety at a minimum. With the new arrival of both Dr. Kendall and Baby Beth, Rachael’s life takes on new dimensions. Her love for them both grows and brings joy and inner struggles, while also bringing new restrictions to the mansion, as government tyranny heightens. Hunger, sickness, and death knock at their door. Rules and regulations turn the mansion into a place so different it seems peculiar…Rachael cannot help but feel like a stranger in her own home. Hidden in Irish Hills tells the story of corrupt government, survival of natural disasters, courage against tremendous odds, and faith that believes in miracles. God’s presence often meets them with power so strong a hush comes over them. As each page is turned, both joy and fear heighten. A grueling question is always present — will they survive?

About my personal life. I have enjoyed several careers — school nurse, proprietor of an antique shop, freelance writing, and published author. Though I was raised in a home where my father was a pastor in the Nazarene Church, my husband and I are members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, where we have served in various ways, including working as team leaders with youth and young single adults. We enjoy our home in Monroe, Michigan, where we live on an eighteen-hole golf course surrounded with beautiful homes and villas. I enjoy keeping up with the latest world news and using the skills God has given me to showcase the Lord Jesus to those who do not know Him.

God bless you all!

4 thoughts on “Arrived At Last

  1. Meghan says:

    Congratulations Mary!! How exciting!! All of your hard work, sweat, tears and prayers have paid off. I pray it’s great success.


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