Afghanistan’s Chaos an Oman?

By Mary Cates


The chaos in Afghanistan is heavy on my heart, but even as I pray for them, this is a great day for me! The serious problems in Afghanistan astoundingly coincide with my newly released novel: “Hidden in Irish Hills”. . .at least to a serious extent.

This book is available immediately, and it carries a riveting story of what might be just around the corner. Filled with suspense, courage and love, “Hidden in Irish Hills” is a story you must read, now. Things are shaping up quickly, and this novel may give you the insight you need. It’s available all over the US in bookstores. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get it is to order on Amazon at this address:

If you wonder where world affairs presently sit, and what may lie ahead, you will find this book exciting and entertaining, possibly revealing hidden truth for you within it pages.

Here is a short “tease” of the story. . .

Hidden in Irish Hills is a novel that begins with a surprise military action that unfolds in the Mediterranean Sea, and threatens world peace. Rachael Carson, a wealthy real estate tycoon, decides to flee her New York City penthouse and move to her mansion in Irish Hills. With the thought of an impending world takeover by The Ten Great Nations, she plots to save her wealth and rescue persecuted victims, using the help and skill of her beloved maid, Maggie. Together, as they are Hidden in Irish Hills, they take an enormous risks by launching a top-secret plan, which includes working with a secret organization called the BBO, that helps homeless victims find their way to her hidden mansion. Their mission brings them two unexpected guests when Dr. Kendall arrives at the mansion with an abandoned baby. Quickly the mansion is filled with fourteen victims. With the new arrival of both Dr. Kendall and the abandoned baby, Rachael’s life takes on new dimensions. Her love for both of them grows and brings joy, as well as inner romantic struggles. Restrictions tighten up at the mansion as government tyranny heightens. Hunger, sickness, and death knock at their door. Rules and regulations turn the mansion into a place so different it seems peculiar…Rachael cannot help but feel like a stranger in her own home. Hidden in Irish Hills tells the story of corrupt government, survival of natural disasters, courage against tremendous odds, and faith that believes in miracles. As each page is turned, both joy and fear heighten. A grueling question is always present — will they survive?

Get the book today. I know it will be a help and encouragement.

About my personal life. I have enjoyed several careers — school nurse, proprietor of an antique shop, freelance writing, and published author. I was raised in a Christian home, where my father was a pastor. Jesus has always been in my life, and His saving grace is what sparked a life-long desire to witness for Him and serve Him with my talents. “Hidden in Irish Hills” is one of my works for the Lord. I am married and have one son and two grandsons. I am retired from my School Nurse career, which deeply educated me in communicable diseases. COVID-19 is extremely interesting to me, as I study how it was leaked from a lab, and what has been done to get it under control and eradicated. I keep myself informed of the latest world news and strive to use the skills God has given me to showcase Jesus to those who do not know Him.

Please order this book now, while Christian books are readily available.

Click here to see a short YouTube video of Hidden in Irish Hills…..

Hidden in Irish Hills can also be ordered at and

6 thoughts on “Afghanistan’s Chaos an Oman?

  1. Meghan says:

    Congratulations Mary!! How exciting!! All of your hard work, sweat, tears and prayers have paid off. I pray it’s great success.


  2. Beth Alisan says:

    Just wanted to let you know I downloaded my copy of “Hidden in Irish Hills” yesterday and dove into the first chapter once I got our puppy worn out and kenneled for the night.


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