October Glory

It’s quite unusual that here in southern Michigan we are experiencing warm temperatures and no frost yet. By this time on the calendar we should have had a heavy frost on the ground and most of our flowers completely spun out. Only mums should be in full bloom, but the strange thing is that hydrangeas are still popping flower buds and so are the roses. It is strange indeed, and this gives authors and freelance writers a good subject to write about.

I hope it signals a warm winter, even as I wonder if there is something significant taking place that requires the wisdom of God to see and understand. That’s where our wise biblical knowledge comes in.


The picture above shows what our October Glory tree should look like. . . a sparkling beautiful crimson red. 

The photo above shows how the tree looks today – still green and still growing. (It’s a young tree, planted just a couple of years ago.)

God has certainly blessed this part of the country. As spring and summer has come and gone on the calendar, we have had no major storms in our community and there has been no rise in criminal activity. However, there is still lots of COVID being reported, which is very grievous. But, looking out at the golf course beyond the patio, at calm and peace, no one would know that a world-wide pandemic is still going on and there is unrest everywhere. I often wonder what horrendous battle might be going on in the lives of my neighbors or in the many golfers who play the 18-hole golf course across that spreads beyond the pond? I hear the golfer’s laughter. They laugh and hoot at both their good plays and bad. To sit at the patio table and watch the fish jump in the pond and take in all that surrounds me, I sense that God is in control. But with the peace I often thing that many are in desperate need of His saving grace. I am convicted that I should know more about my neighbors, and with that convictions I pray that God will open avenues for me to share the hope that is within me. For I am not a door-knocking person. I am often bold at the computer keyboard, but timid in real life.

Who knows what lies in the deep crevasses of our hearts? Our lives often reflect an outward view of calm and peace, while sometimes inside we may have a storm going on – caused by the enemy of our soul. I am reminded of a very short verse in the Bible that speaks volumes whenever we are in spiritual or physical distress. “Be still and know that I am God“, Psalm 46:10. Eight words that have the power of God in them to calm whatever we are facing.

I hope God’s presence will be powerful in your life today. Really powerful!!!! So that you know He is there. May you be surrounded with His October glory.

  This is my newly published Christian novel – a riveting story of courage, suspense, and unsuspected love. Written for such an hour as this. As a new author of Ambassador International Christian Publishing your support is of great help as I trust God for the audience He has for this book. The book is available on http://www.amazon.com


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