“Hidden in Irish Hills” – A Christian novel of futuristic impact, By Mary Cates


Suspense, compelling intrigue, and the joy of happy surprise are woven throughout this novel of possible future happenings. Travel with Rachael Carson on her secret mission to escape advancing evil and stay hidden in her mansion at Irish Hills.

Rachael foreknew the dangers of surviving in a world dominated by evil dictators and Godless leaders. Tyranny was on the horizon when a mammoth military action suddenly occurred in the area of the Mediterranean Sea. The end of her family fortune and all she loved was coming to a quick end. Taking on enormous risks to save her wealth from being stolen by evil leaders, she and her husband devised a top-secret plan to escape. But they must hurry, because The Ten Great Nations of the world are feverously salivating to manipulate every nation on the planet. Unexpectedly, her husband is shot and dies before they begin the detailed secret plan. She is now alone, except for her faithful employee, Maggie. Abandoning her New York penthouse and taking permanent shelter in her hidden mansion is Rachael’s first step. From there she plans to turn her mansion into a mission to save victims who become homeless. A Christian underground network secretly helps, by transporting victims to the Irish Hills mansion. The stories coming from these persecuted victims is heart-wrenching. But even with all the savvy skills and unrelenting courage that Rachael possesses, questions arise. Is her faith and courage strong enough to keep them surviving? How long will their food hold out and how long before the authorities discover them? Will they bow to the evil government?

8 thoughts on ““Hidden in Irish Hills” – A Christian novel of futuristic impact, By Mary Cates

      • cheriewhite says:

        You’re most welcome, Mary! Congratulations on your books! I’m a published author of 4 books and I feel your excitement at publishing your novels. Wishing you much success! 💖🕊


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