To All A Merry Christmas!

On a snowy wintry night, warming at the fireplace and enjoying the sparkling lights on the tree, the scene is set for Christmas. It is Christmas Eve, and the quiet night marks the beginning of the celebration Christians look forward to every year. Unbelievers love it too, and celebrate in different ways, but for the Christian, Christmas is the time to fully worship with thankful hearts that Jesus, the Son of God, came to save the world. It is a special day of merrymaking and remembrance.

This picture is of the fire place in my living room. I love dragging out our Christmas decorations and baking special things, and listening to traditional Christmas Carols and hymns. My husband loves it too.

In a corner cubby of our living room I added something special last year.

The lighted word – JOY.

The pandemic, and government control, was threatening to steal our joy. How ironic it might seem to those who do not trust in Jesus that I would buy the lighted word, “JOY”. Yet so very appropriate, because even in the loneliness of not being with our family members and friends, the joy of Christmas filled our hearts. Nothing could quench our joy.

As I walk around our house this Christmas season, and handle all the Christmas ornaments and hear Christmas carols streaming from our entertainment center, I’m thankful that the darkness and sin of the world fades and the presence of God fills my heart. I am thankful, even though many I have known and loved have passed away this year. Some from COVID, which seems to stab my heart more than death from natural causes, because I see the evil intent of this virus. Still, the peace of the Christmas message overrules my emotions, and Christmas continues with grateful happiness.

As I pass our front door, I see the small lighted tree that we tucked in the corner of our porch.

Notice the little white feet hanging from a round wreath. It says everything that Christmas brings . . . snow and snowmen, home, and happy celebration. I feel like a kid whenever I hang that wreath.

Truly, there’s “snowplace” like home for the holidays!

I hope your Christmas celebration this year is blessed. Even if tragedy or illness or death has sullied this past year for you, Jesus has the answers and the peace that passes all understanding.

My husband, and I, wish all my Followers, and every Internet surfer, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year.

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