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All we know as finite human beings is beginnings and endings. We get born. We die. We also know that nothing (0) can be created by nothing (0). Every living thing has a beginning and an end. Therefore, it makes it difficult to fathom God — because unlike us, He has no beginning and no ending. He always was and always will be. No one has seen God, so we have to take His existence by faith.

We are born with an intrinsic feeling that there is someone who brought all that we are and all that we know into existence, and that someone, logically has to be God. This intrinsic knowledge is actually the beginnings of faith. Indeed, this knowledge has within it the power to move us to believe in God.

Well, what is faith?

Faith is something we all possess whether we think so or not. We have faith when we walk into an elevator that it will not take us up 15 floors and then plunge us to the ground. We have faith that what we eat at a restaurant is not going to poison us. We have faith that when we board an airplane we will land safely. Faith is basically a belief, an acceptance, a tenet of something believed to “be” and to exist.

There are 4 kinds of belief in human existence: behavioral beliefs, unconscious beliefs, conscious beliefs, and rational beliefs. In all 4 there is the element of “faith” and of “God”.

When we think about faith, it is logical to believe that the greatest entity within it is love, because love joins two or more together. So it must be in the mix of the answers we search for regarding God.

Looking deeper into faith, it can be explained as an apprehension which is steeped in both the unconscious and the conscious. An example of this can be explained this way: my husband says he loves me and he shows it by different acts toward me, but unconsciously I also know that he would fight and even die for me if I were attacked by a criminal. This scenario has never happened to me, yet I believe he would do this. I have faith he would rescue me and it comes from the entity of his love for me.

So, the meaning of faith exists in the reality of love, and is wrapped up in the conscious and the unconscious. It dominates in all 4 beliefs of human existence in which we operate: behavioral, conscious, unconscious and rational.

God is not conjured up into our minds by our human will, but is a sovereign reality of faith. All people have been born with the gift of faith, to use it, or reject it. In the Bible, Romans 1:20 says this: “For since the beginning of the world, God always existed and His invisible qualities and his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen by all human beings. Therefore, no one has an excuse to not believe in God.”

God is. God was. God always will be, so we should not press our finite minds to try and figure everything out. Simply, God created us to accept Him by faith, rather than by determinable theory, or fact-counting, or measurement. Your inner being knows emphatically that a Supreme Being called “God” created mankind and nothing (0) can be created by nothing (0). There has to be something first. That would be God. Therefore, we exist because of God and His literal words have done the creating. In the beginning of our world and universe God said, “Let there be light, and there was light”. He spoke and the universe came into being. He took the elements which he spoke into existence and created all living things, mankind included. He is the Almighty God, Creator of all.

To believe in God is in agreement with peace and harmony — a phenomenal rest to one’s mind and spirit. When we believe, we feel it. We know it as truth because the Spirit of God testifies to us that we are His creation. (Romans 8:16.)

You have probably heard these three words a million times: God loves you. Yes, He does! But the enemies of our soul work to cast doubt and questions. Peace comes simply by believing and accepting, and enjoying the honest truth that God loves us. Forget the questions of how and why, and concentrate on this truth: that if our lives on earth have no hope beyond the grave, then we are to be pitied because our Creator does not love us or want us. To believe that lie is pure misery because we are then alone and doomed to die. But that’s not how it is. God’s plan for the world and His human race is to give eternal life through His Son, Jesus Christ. Believe this and accept Jesus as your Savior. It’s so simple many miss it. Simply repent of your sins, and believe. When you do, peace and security will enter your spirit and change your life from the darkness of doubt to the truth of light. You will be forgiven of your sins, and you will have eternal life. This is the promise of God.

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