Artificial Intellegence will Effect Social Norms and More

Established Social norms are probably the most effective way to manipulate human behavior. They govern general customs, laws, and fads – even beliefs and attitudes. Their best intent is to bring functioning order to society, however, the negative effects are that they cause conformity. But something bigger than established social norms is well on its way.

Move over and make way for Artificial Intelligence (AI) which promises to not only influence social norms, but will influence your business and your life, maybe even the way you vote.

AI seems like the greatest invention of science, but the downfall is that depending on which type of intelligence the individual desires… or palliative…..a person’s beliefs and convictions can be highly influenced to be what the machine articulates. In other words, what it has been programed to tell you.

My intent in this short article is to caution people to beware of satanic manipulation. By that I mean, things that are not of truth, and are not of God and the laws He has set down. Beware of habitual/persistent guff and terminology that pretends to cast logic, but in true reality is false. The human mind is a powerful thing, and constant progressive influences in business, government, social norms – and yes, even a personal character – can be manipulated. Without realizing, the person will wake up to find that they’re obeying a machine — running their business by someone else’s influence and dancing to a completely different orchestra than what they desired.

Artificial Intelligence will eventually become the giant that takes over the human mind and sets itself up as the world’s only god. It could become your god. Search it out. Be careful. Know who you are and what you believe.

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