I am delighted that you are here at my website. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a former medical professional – turned to writing. My writing career began several years ago as a freelance writer for ProMedica – a hospital and health facilities conglomerate in lower eastern Michigan and northern Ohio —  and as a regular newspaper writer for the Telegram in Adain, Michigan. I have two published books that started my authorship career two years ago.

I am married.

I love to read as well as write.

My dream since the 8th grade has been to write, yet I ended up as a medical professional, enjoying a career as an RN in public health and human services – as a school nurse.

I love antiques and once owned an antique business with my husband – an exciting side career.

As my life goes on, I realize that sometimes dreams and desires get thwarted or rearranged and we end up miles from where we thought we were headed. Life is always changing, and with each new adventure we find our gifts and talents also changing. That has been my case, and it’s a process that is still going on. I suspect that you find this also true in your life.

My modest success with freelance writing encouraged me toward authorship and a chance to realize the dream I had back in the 8th grade – to be a published author. I’ve yet to announce that I am truly successful, but I am enjoying the journey.

Peruse all the pages on this website and feel free to leave your comments. You can contact me on the Contact page.   

P.S. I love dogs, and this guy here reminds me of my exhaustion when I burn the night oil.

My Fiction novel

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