Chicken Soup & Stuff

Like a ship sailing boundlessly in the dark of night, the feeling of loneliness can assault us in a room full of people. We have all been there and felt this emotion: sitting alone in an airport, lunching alone at our desk, or strolling alone in the neighborhood. Hundreds of situations and state-of-the-mind developments can bring on the feeling that we are all alone in the world and no one really cares or loves us. (This is a quote from my book: “Take Charge of Your Destiny.”) The truth is that God loves us even if no one else does. He really DOES LOVE us (Chapter 6, page 73).

Great Idea for left-overs

Turn your left-over spaghetti sauce into a tasty Italian vegetable soup. Just add fresh cooked vegetables and a can of red kidney beans, some tomato juice, and you have another great meal.

Try this: your left-over meatloaf makes great sandwiches, especially served-up with melted cheese on top.

Do you want apple pie, but your waistline says you cannot eat pastry crust? Bake apple slices that have been dotted with butter and sprinkled with Splenda, cinnamon and nutmeg. While still warm, scoop a 1/2 cup of low carb vanilla ice cream over the slices, and viola! Apple pie with a little imagination.


New Internet Surfers, Check out this book:

Take Charge of Your Destiny by Mary Cates

There’s More to You Than You Ever Dreamed Possible


Heads up on this author, Terry Overton. She has several new children’s books coming out soon. I will keep her book launch updated. In the meantime, Google her and read about her accomplishments and view her books on She had some great devotional books too.

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