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Some fellows I knew well had a terrific time this summer at Willow Run Airport, near Bellvelle, Michigan – checking out old war-time airplanes. Check out Rosie the Riveter in the last photo. She’s looks so real!

Notice the rainbow in the distance.. An omen to wonderful friendships.
Rosie is with 98-year old Cal. AMAZING

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Author, Terry Overton

Author, Terry Overton examines common everyday experiences, the highs and lows, and offers relevant Scripture for helping us move through life as Christians. Readers will find helpful verses to inspire their days. Her website offers short devotionals with accompanying Scripture. Visit her site at:

Some fun things recently

My husband, George and me riding in an Amish buggy in Shipshewana, Indiana. No, he isn’t holding the reigns, he’s snapping this selfie.
Celebrating the new 2019 at midnight. Happy to be welcoming a brand new year.
Port Clinton, Ohio. The Jet Express sailing to near-by islands in Lake Erie. A great place for summer fun every year. Notice the fishing rod and the cooler. Not ours, but fun to watch people fishing.
The beautiful rocks at Wisconsin Del. A magnificent place to see. Breath-taking monster rocks. We loved being there.