September Song

I’m riding on “FAll” again (September). It’s like seeing and hearing the trumpets glowing – and I’m about to take that wonderful ride.

You guessed it, my favorite month is September. And what would be my favorite song, but the September Song. So I’m taking the words of the song and applying them in parentheses.  Maybe this is you too?

Oh, it’s a long, long while
From May to December (well, not so long when you’re older)
And the days grow short
When you reach September (so short, I never get everything done)

When the autumn weather
Turns the leaves to flame (I love that sight)
I haven’t got time
For the waiting game (that’s for sure, because my birthday is in September and they’re stacking up)

Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few (I savor every one)
September, November (gosh, they go so fast now)
And these few precious days
I’d spend with you
These golden days I’ll spend with you (my friends and followers)

In view of Hurricane Dorian, I feel extremely blessed! Praying for those people affected by this terrible storm.

While the World Keeps Spinning

Today, a burgeoning trade war with China began, a reacting roller coaster Stock Market quivered, the Congressional Socialistic Squad (as they have been dubbed) continued to challenge the authority of our government, and multiple shootings took place all over the map. We wonder if our country is about to spin out of control.

Looking back into biblical history, there were times when the territory of Israel seemed to be spinning wildly out of control. The prophets of old sounded the warnings of God’s Voice, but His Elect people chose to disobey the messages. Still, His plan and purposes kept moving forward.

Even in the midst of turmoil in the 21st century, we can be confident that perfect control is being kept by a God who is in command and has the ultimate Plan. 

As I write this the Stock Market has plunged 600 points. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Those of us who trust in the God know that nothing slips through His Hands by mistake. Regardless of the Stock Market’s plunge today, the ugly trade war with China, Socialistic challenging of Capitalism, turmoil and unrest in our streets – we know that the Plan of the Almighty God moves on with precision. We have nothing to fear.

It was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said during World War II: “we have nothing to fear, but fear itself”.

Besides death, fear is our second greatest enemy. God counters it by saying, perfect love casts out fear. In our case today – with the world looking like it’s spinning out control – the point is this: if we love and trust God, we have nothing to fear in our future.




The Journey is the Destination

I truly believe that God pursues us harder than anyone or anything else. He steps mysteriously and purposely into our lives to give us the right people – the right work – and the right things to keep us moving. It will cost you something to become whatever it is you want to be. But keep alive the wonder and the inspiration that incubates in your spirit. Never let your mind become tamed in that regard.

I may shock you when I say that sometimes I love the scent of the world and wallow in my foolish desires – even knowing that their lavishing and tempting power seeks to lay waste of my life. Those are the moments when it pays to be afraid of God…to reverence Him and obey His principles. I’m sure you know what I am saying. We are all on a journey that Jesus Christ is shepherding, if we know Him as our Savior. The journey is the destination.

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Should We Be Afraid?

I kissed my husband goodbye this morning as he left to watch an air show at a former military airport…a very happy day lined up for him and some buddies. Yet, in the back of my mind, as he pulled out of the garage, there lingered the news reports of a massive shooting the day before, and the sight of the carnage captured on cell phones by panicking individuals running for cover in a parking lot where people were picked-off like sitting ducks. There would be lots of people at this air show. Would he come home safely?

This is the question we asked now, every time we attend a place where people are gathered and the target is soft.

The tone of the world is rough. We recognize that the culture we survive in is far from sweet and harmonious. The hate that is pouring out of people is shocking – as though there is no conscience left in the heart of mankind. It seems that man’s destiny is completely sullied by his ungodliness.

For those of us with faith, we need not be overcome with fear. God is in control of this planet, though sometimes it seems He has lost his grip. The truth is that we live in a fallen world, and we’ve been warned there will be persecution and heartache. Yet in the midst of it all, God is our lifeline.

I think of the message given to us in the Bible — the part that tells of the shepherds out in the field at night, when the sky suddenly opened up before them and an angel appeared, giving them a message of peace.

Frightened to the bone on that cold dark night, they stood there shivering while they heard these words: “Fear not, for behold I bring you good news of great joy which has come to ALL people. For to you is born this day in the town of Bethlehem, a Savior who is Christ the Messiah – the Lord!” (Luke 2: 10-11)

Things look bad sometimes and we often mourn our losses. But God is still in control.


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Scrape Up What is Left

Scrape Up What Is Left

How many fresh perspectives does it take to help settle life’s problems?

The truth is that solving problems and making it to number one simply means you are where you should be — having a place and a plan you can follow. However, accomplishments, a dream career, a great marriage, and having a perfect family do not guarantee happiness. So the real question is: what is #1 and what does it mean?

For most of us it takes a lifetime for us to recognize our true calling — and sometimes we are cast into prison (so-to-speak) to find out what we are supposed to be doing.

Serious goal-seeking people generally have questions that never stop…questions like, what about the sweat equity put into a project or a child only to see it fail? Where is God when things go wrong? Where is God when a loved one suddenly gets sick and dies?

When the prison door locks behind us, it is there we must find the answer.

I confess, I am so “literal” that I often want to debate the Apostle Paul and sometimes even God. I become part of the human traffic on Jacob’s ladder – clinging to Heaven’s ropes. The truth is that everything points to the moral laws of God, which will always stand up against the person who seeks to be their own guide and tends to question everything.

I believe the issues we face are often caused by our own desires, even in the sorrow we face and the hope for relief. I say this because God never stacks the deck against us. So whatever we face, we must never quit, but always welcome and wait for God. (Oh so hard to do sometimes.)

Today is your day for a new perspective — to scrape up whatever is left of something that has gone wrong. God needs only a crumb to work with – but then, He can work even without that!

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When All Else Fails, Wait For Morning

I am reminded of a poem written by James Whitcomb Riley titled: “TIME”. He talks about waiting for morning…how we sometimes toss this side and whirl that way, and moan for dawn. Oh yes, the tick, tick, ticking of the clock vexed me last night! I was with Riley’s words till after midnight. But don’t get upset, I wasn’t basking in every word.

I’ll bet you may find yourself in what he wrote…

“Wait for the morning! Ah! we wait indeed. For the daylight, we who toss about in stress because of vacant-armed desires and emptiness. Of all the warm, warm touches we need, and the warm kisses upon which we feed.”

And then Riley really gets to it…

“Warm as the yearning blood our poor hearts bleed! ….A wild prayer! –bite thy pillow — praying so– Toss this side, and whirl that, and moan for dawn;  Let the clock’s seconds dribble out their woe, And Time be drained of sorrow! Long ago…We heard the crowing cock, with answered drawn, As hoarsely sad our throats sob. …Pray on!”

I’ve never saved the world in all my sleepless nights, but I’ve often saved myself from troublesome problems when my mind hashes over a mess I’m in, and I figure the way out. God bless those sleepless nights.


Where are the Heroes?

Can it really be true that there is not one wise man among us who can lead the country? No heroes? No one who can truly judge another brother? Let’s hope that “we the people” will not stay mute and be taken under by the power of those who destroy everything in their path.

I remember in my college psychology class that the professor was astounded at the hype and honor bestowed on Elvis Presley when he died back in the late 70’s. He was a good singer, but he died because he was drunk on dope. She asked, “Where are our real heroes?” The media was crazy with adoration for Presley. I didn’t give much thought to that back then for the lack of wisdom at the time. But now, as I look at how far our country leaders have slipped into the black murky mud of evil and selfish power, I understand what this professor was driving at.

Yet as each day unfolds and we remind ourselves that God is in command of this planet and it is His will that is operating, we can simply lean on Him and go forward with joy and purpose.

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