Happy is as Happy “IS”

Strange, that we can be suspicious of happiness. For instance, we can have so much fun doing something, or loving someone that we worry it won’t last, or something terrible might happen.

Here’s a story I heard a long time ago that fits this conversation:  a man was so frightened about having joy that he drove himself mad. He did everything the opposite of what he planned because he thought it would trick unhappiness. He found the woman of his dreams, but became so obsessed about losing her, he behaved senselessly – and ended up losing her. 

This brings me to say that on the flip side there is nothing wrong with having things go right and celebrating it. I honestly believe if we celebrated everything that goes right in our life, we would have no time to worry — even if something was wrong.

Remember our childhood. It was a time when the worst thing that happened was a scraped knee, but then Mom cleaned it up, put a band aid on it, kissed our cheek and we were off to the next scraped knee – happy as a lark.

Chances were good that we would soon be back in Mom’s arms crying, but we never played with our friends in a mind set of worrying that we might scrape our knees. 

In a world that seems to have lost its soul, it is hard to find something to really be happy about. Seems that the moment we go out our door the challenge of worry comes.  Be careful. Watch your back. Don’t anger another driver. Hang onto your purse and wallet. Know where to hid if a terrorist starts shooting up the store.

The Apostle Paul wrote that he was content in any circumstance. That’s really pushing the truth for most of us, but he was right, for even in the worst situations we still have the promise that Jesus will never leave us or forsake us.

I believe happiness begets happiness. The more you embrace it, the more it flows.

Take time to be happy about something, and let it flow.