I Have Two Doves

Sitting at the edge of my patio this summer are two doves… and then there were four. Mamma, papa, and babies. Sweet to watch because  their affection for each other is fascinating.  Makes me think they are not simply driven by instinct, but pair-up and love each other for life.


These little guys hover around my place and sometimes sit under the limbs of my Japanese Maple tree. I love their mournful hoooo.

Yesterday they were at the edge of my patio, just under my October Glory tree.


I’m so glad they found their home here.

I also have some sparrows that like to peck at my windows. Sweet little guys too. I catch myself wanting to say, “Hey babies, I hear you. I love you.”

Often in the early moments of dawn, while propped up in bed, drinking  my first cup of strong morning coffee, I look out through my window and see how very calm and beautiful everything looks. Beyond the water is the 9th hole of the golf course I live on.  You can see the large pond to the left and right of both patio pictures. There’s not a ripple in the water…the wind is calm and the air is clean and cool.  Yet sometimes I am full of stress because I am waiting impatiently for something that has not come. I often go out there and take my coffee with me. I sit and wait. I wait to know that the wait will bring the dream. I must wait, for God always comes to those who wait.

The waiting game is so hard. But I know I should wait and keep hoping. 

Wait if I must…. in the wind and the rain. Wait long and meekly, in the thunder and lightning, in the cold and dark. Wait for God to answer. Wait for His will. TRUST.

Trusting is like breathing if you do it in faith.


Carving Out His Destiny

Like a man fighting a grizzly bear to save him and his family, Brett Kavanaugh showed the world what a real man is. With the spirit of victory in his voice and the fight of an arch angel, Kavanaugh showed the world that taking charge of your destiny can be a horrific ordeal.

Strong powerful men wept as Kavanaugh gave his opening remarks. Turned to tears because of the tremendous battle this man was fighting…all because a weak and troubled woman can’t get over her own bad choices of frequenting wild parties as a college student, and take charge of her destiny and move on.  Wallowing in her imagined-inaccurate recall, she destroyed herself and a man and his family as well.  She is not a victim, as was mentioned by Senator, Lindsey Graham. She could have trusted her life and future to God and taken hold of the good future God had for her.

Kavanaugh depicted two most important facts that have arisen in the few years of the new millennial. (1) The evil and dark hearts that exist in tremendous volume in the world and in the government of the US. (2) What it’s going to take for conservatives to keep standing strong…a spirit of fight and an eye on victory.

I implore you, if you relate to this blog article to get my book:  “Take Charge of Your Destiny” and read how you have choices that will either take you to your highest potential, or destroy you.  We are in a battle today, regardless of what ideology you follow or your religious doctrine.  If we don’t  get it right, we will never survive.

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Jonathon Cahn, A Deep Mind

By Mary Merriman Cates

I just finished reading The Paradigm, written by Jonathan Cahn. I was intrigued with what he wrote, while at the same time I am well aware of the evil that existed in two of our past US Presidential Administrations.

In his book Cahn takes us on a journey several thousand years back into the Middle East and Israel. What a journey! Then he correlates what went on back then to what has transpired in our country, of which the same stark evil is present.

For the person steeped in End Time Prophesy this book is a must read.  However, Cahn leaves the final end of all things to the mind of the reader, and simply encourages that people be wise and make sure we are straight with God and safe in the arc of safety.

That takes me now to my own books that were published this year:  The Secret Hideaway on Bridgeton Hill and Take Charge of Your Destiny.  These two books are also worth your time to read.  Both are available at Amazon.com or any Barnes and Noble Bookstore, and BAM. All you need do on Amazon is write my name Mary Cates in the search line.  http://Amazon.com

When All Else Fails, Wait For Morning

I am reminded of a poem written by James Whitcomb Riley titled: “TIME”. He talks about waiting for morning…how we sometimes toss this side and whirl that way, and moan for dawn. Oh yes, the tick, tick, ticking of the clock vexed me last night! I was with Riley’s words till after midnight. But don’t get upset, I wasn’t basking in every word.

I’ll bet you may find yourself in what he wrote…

“Wait for the morning! Ah! we wait indeed. For the daylight, we who toss about in stress because of vacant-armed desires and emptiness. Of all the warm, warm touches we need, and the warm kisses upon which we feed.”

And then Riley really gets to it…

“Warm as the yearning blood our poor hearts bleed! ….A wild prayer! –bite thy pillow — praying so– Toss this side, and whirl that, and moan for dawn;  Let the clock’s seconds dribble out their woe, And Time be drained of sorrow! Long ago…We heard the crowing cock, with answered drawn, As hoarsely sad our throats sob. …Pray on!”

I’ve never saved the world in all my sleepless nights, but I’ve often saved myself from troublesome problems when my mind hashes over a mess I’m in, and I figure the way out. God bless those sleepless nights.


Passive Resistance

Predictably it will take only a short time to reach the point of no return in this country. The present culture is extremely enticed by evil and narcissistic influences……all of it taking us down a slippery slope of dead ends.

The vast majority of society are passive, even though they appear energetic toward sports, pleasure, and Trump rallies.  If you stopped and asked a vast number of Americans what they think is the most serious problem in our country they would be basically unaware. They are ignorant of the perils facing our nation. Most live in a bubble of passive resistance, avoiding anything that interrupts their happy life. Everyone is hopping airplanes, driving to and fro, and pleasure is the greatest pastime.

What we need is a rescue plan to save us from our lethargic inward selves. I’m afraid Trump doesn’t have it.  He only has the brains and the energy to help us financially. He’s a business man. Not a moral leader. We need someone to help us get into the intrinsic fiber of our selfish selves and stir us up. Someone to help us realize that passive ho-hum resistance is what’s taking this country down. The radical liberals are having a field day. The evil doers are celebrating our lethargic dull minds.

Where is wisdom? Where is sound intelligence?  I hope it’s in you and me.


Where are the Heroes?

Can it really be true that there is not one wise man among us who can lead the country? No heroes? No one who can truly judge another brother? Let’s hope that “we the people” will not stay mute and be taken under by the power of those who destroy everything in their path.

I remember in my college psychology class that the professor was astounded at the hype and honor bestowed on Elvis Presley when he died back in the late 70’s. He was a good singer, but he died because he was drunk on dope. She asked, “Where are our real heroes?” The media was crazy with adoration for Presley. I didn’t give much thought to that back then for the lack of wisdom at the time. But now, as I look at how far our country leaders have slipped into the black murky mud of evil and selfish power, I understand what this professor was driving at.

I don’t really know how to end this blurb, because I’m dumbfounded that our leaders are so immoral and corrupt. I’m lost for words of inspiration.  I guess the only thing that can be said is:  God save America.



The Stony Ground

I’m simply my carnal self today…and I’m grumbling because I know that I’m not everything to everyone, or even all things to just one person in over 7 billion people on this planet. I’m frustrated with that thought. I’m asking myself why have hopes and dreams if they just fall on stony ground. Could I be speaking for you too?woman at the end of the world

On stony ground is where the fowls of the air come and throw my work to the wind. Maybe I have the right to be sour. The truth is that not one Christian organization, or library institute, or media affiliate, or mega church ministry has possessed the intrinsic intelligence to perceive and understand the wisdom and gold that I carefully placed in my book: “The Secret Hideaway on Bridgeton Hill”. There have been only a handful of wise individuals that have read this novel and understood the powerful story that reeks of truth, and perceived that a sequel is awaiting the chance to finish the story.

Although the media know the book is available on Amazon, they appear to have no interest, or should I say no “root” within themselves to understand when pearls are being cast in front of them. Now, you are probably asking, why should I think my work is of pearl value. It is, if I have judged the call for it right.

The world should be thankful for those who do not hide their light in a dark closet but are willing to let it shine even when there is hurtful risk. Some of you stars are reading this and knowing exactly what I’m saying. We are the weary in well doing who need to get up from the trash pile and keep going. (And I will, but I have to grumble today because I’m exhausted emotionally.)

There have been days when my nerves have been warn to a frazzle doing marketing and placing a free book in the hands of those who have the means to create a domino effect for my work. When no results come, I know their minds are not sharp. Their trees are empty of fruit. But knowing as I do that the lethargic Christian and secular public have their eyes and ears dulled, it did not stop my efforts.  The fact is that I’ve somewhat neglected my household to write this book. I’ve had to push my marriage to the breaking point some days in order to finish my work and keep up with the publisher’s process. But the truth is that I have yet to see enough results to pay for the sweat equity and stress that finally brought this book to the press.

Between these lines I’m encouraging others to hang onto their dreams (because that’s the right thing to do and that’s the pure essence of my entire website). But today I am a grumbling fading fancy of a writer who is sulking and feeling like she’s absolutely nuts to believe the dream of being successful in a world that is so narcissistic and thwarted that my word could never fill their bellies, let alone fill their hearts.

If you are an unsuccessful author, or Twitter-er, or Facebook junky who has a fire in your belly to reach those who need your words — keep going. I will keep going even though there are days like today when I know the world does not deserve us.  Well, they didn’t deserve Jesus either, but he finished his course and took care of my sin and depravity so it will never be counted against me.


Don’t Wait for Grace to Come Down to You

Don’t be lazy! Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for your desires to passively happen. Make them happen. Create your own hope. Reach for your goals and take charge of your destiny. Never wait inactively for Grace to come from on high, but make things happen now, right here on Earth where you live.

“Take Charge of Your Destiny” can help to get you where you want to be. It’s a fast-read book written by Mary Cates — chuck full of good things and pungent life-changing anecdotes. Let it impact you.  You can have the Kindle version from Amazon immediately.  Get it today (tonight).  A new destiny awaits. http://Amazon.com

Holding on Like A Hair on A Buttered Biscuit

I’m holding on because I know there’s more to me (and you too) then ever dreamed possible, and knowing this I’m thinking that the best thing to do is take charge of our destinies.  Good advice unless you’re a corpse in the county morgue. At that point you’re not in charge of anything…….God is. But you’ve logged into my website today and that means you are a live and breathing human being, and I’m thrilled that you’re here!

Taking charge of our destinies is not easy because sifting through all the red tape of life and deciding which direction to go is like running through a maze of options with electrical charges pulling in every direction.

Let me share something I read a while ago that I love. It was written by a man named Jerimiah. He wrote that our Creator has plans for us even back while we were yet in our mother’s womb……plans to prosper us and not harm us…..plans to give us a wonderful future. Ooowee. That’s the best deal I’ve ever heard.

So I’m hanging in there, and holding on for dear life. I’m following my dreams. I hope you are too.

In my book: “Take Charge of Your Destiny” by Mary Cates I encourage everyone turning the pages to launch out into the deep and strive to reach their highest potential —– and never let circumstances or age stop them. I offer this book to you on http://Amazon.com for the low price of $10.95.  The Kindle is only $4.95. I hope you’ll read this book. It has my heart and soul in it. I know you’ll find something of great value for yourself as you read it.

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The World in a Mysterious Hold

Can you hear it? That thundering sound in the distance that so many say they hear. They see a glow in the eastern sky. It’s the clamor of elite theologians telling us that something BIG is about to happen. Night is wearing on and sleep is hard to get hold of. 

If it isn’t the demons of the political world, it’s the preachers of fire and brimstone screaming at us.

Shouldn’t we be pacing the floor?

Who has the ability to know and understand the present and future clearly?

I think the most valuable thing at this point in history is truth. If the truth be fully known the world would change. It is illusions which people practice that take them down. By that I mean, those who live in their own universe of desire become self-indulgent and vulnerable to lies. They are void truth. It takes very little persuasion to push them over into believing bogus lies.

I think the world believes in fairy tales. We seem to operate on fantasies.

If I hear anything at all it is the plea for repentance and the promise of eternal life. Those words are still here, still breathing, still resounding.

Get more deep thinking and profound analogies in the novel: “The Secret Hideaway on Bridgeton Hill” by Mary Merriman Cates.  $11.95 gets you the soft cover on Amazon, or $4.95 gets you the Kindle version. Cheap entertainment…with gold on every page. Buy it today. http://Amazon.com