You Fill My Heart with Joy

Youth and happiness exists only when there is no reality of death.

I’m not sure who said that . . . maybe it is a quote from the movie: “Into The Wild”, written by Christopher McCandless. But whomever wrote it, in a great sense it is true of the Christian. But only if we change the word reality to that of not being fearful of death. “. . when there is no fear of death”. In Christian reality, we have eternal life through Christ.

The world is upside down right now, but for those who have their faith and trust in Christ, we can affirm that God over-rides and interrupts fear with joy and happiness. I’m not saying that we Christians live in a constant state of euphoria, or an imaginary existence of utopia. No! Not when last week I had a break-through infection of COVID. (Thankfully it was mild compared to those in hospitals and many struggling on vents.) However, I believe we can support the words of King David when he wrote: You (God) have filled my heart with greater joy than when our grain and our new wine was abundant. (Psalm 4:7, emphasis is mine.)

Think about it….much has been taken away from us by a vicious pandemic, terrible storms, and leaders here in our country, and around the world — who appear to be void of Godly wisdom. We wonder what tomorrow’s news will be. Even as I am writing this, Russia is advancing toward the Ukraine, and tons of our army equipment is being transported to the Ukrainians — to help them fight, and hopefully hold the Russian army back.

Still, in the stress of world conditions and even experiencing hardship in our own lives, underneath are the Everlasting Arms of God holding us up. We would faint and wither if this were not true.

I hope you are finding joy and gladness in all the little things that come to you today.

For me, I plan to sit with my husband inside our warm car at the park, facing toward the icy, rushing water of the River Raisin Dam, and enjoy a yummy McDonald’s hamburger with him. The sight of the power that moves the water is exciting to watch.

Perhaps I’ll dare to sneak a few of my husband’s salty fries, just to tease him. And we will laugh at the funny antics of Canadian Geese gathering at the shoreline in front of us, and watch the sea gulls fly over the river.

Oh, what simple things God gives us everyday that shows His love and comfort toward us. If we should live in a place as wonderful as the Taj Mahal, or have the fame and fortune of the entire world, without the joy of the Lord in our hearts, we would have nothing to boast about.

So today, as I gather up my blessings, I invite you to grab hold of yours, and enjoy the little blessings that come moment by moment. They add up to a joyful heart.

Happy are those who trust in the Lord. (Jeremiah 17:7, paraphrased.)

COVID – and The Future

Copyright, Mary Cates

I am stepping out on courage that this article will be well received, as I seriously discuss the mysterious COVID virus and how it is the precursor to prophetic events. I believe it is appropriate that those of us who are steeped in prophetic Scripture and have seriously researched the evil events that are progressing throughout the world, that we have an obligation to share our insights. In this article I am going to discuss how the COVID pandemic appears to fit into End Time prophecy and the 666 mark of the Beast (the antichrist). I am not saying that the “antichrist” is here, but that we are moving very close. It is important to recognize what is happening so we are not shocked at the next events that take place.

The setting for COVID and the mark of 666 began to materialize in 2016 when a strong and mysterious hatred mushroomed against Donald Trump. Whether you liked Trump or not, his four years of Presidency was a whirlwind of evil antics that garnered a spirit of hatred so strong that it caused violence and destruction across the globe, not to mention what was happening in the US Congress. This hatred played a significant role in how the COVID pandemic would be handled after Trump’s presidency. The election of a new US Administration began to pave the way for the 666 mark.

Looking back to March of 2020, the man-made virus from China – known as COVID-19 – quickly swept throughout the entire world. For sure, the progressive elite saw their opportunity to push their socialistic ideologies and work toward gaining control. They used fear as their most powerful tool, and it’s still working two years later. In no time, people became fearful and gladly obeyed the forced lock-downs. Schools, businesses, theaters, sports arenas, and even churches were closed by orders of the CDC and the WHO. People in authority began to step on board to limit freedom and keep people isolated. No one was allowed to enter a hospital to support a loved one who was admitted for illness or surgery. The loved one was dropped off at the hospital entrance. Our government continued demanding various mandates. This type of control is called the use of mass formation psychosis. It’s a deliberate use of a process that brings obedience by fear tactics and by limiting freedom. The strategy behind it is to begin the process by using isolation, thus taking away freedoms and causing gloom and fear. Finally, complete control is gained.  

If you consider what COVID-19 did to the world and to our country, there has never been anything more physically and mentally damaging, or more politically handled, and more confusing than the pandemic of COVID-19. The world has suffered wars and epidemics, but nothing on a scale like this, where even our children have been subjected to fear and isolation. My point is that most people do not realize that this virus has opened the door for copious mandated vaccines world-wide and strong authoritative control. I have no doubt that what we are experiencing will eventually lead to a procedure called “The Mark of the Beast”- 666. Of course, it will be named something else, but it will be the Mark of the Beast. Later on in this article I will discuss this “Beast of 666”.

The technology to put an identifying mark under the skin of all people is available NOW. The procedure to do this is being funded by people like billionaire Bill Gates, and others who have socialistic philosophies. For more information on the ideology of Bill Gates, Google his name. He is interested in funding ways of manipulating the masses into a socialist government, and even controlling the number of the population.

It is at this 2-year point of COVID, and the vaccines, that science and people like Bill Gates are controlling how we live. It is true that many are going about their business as usual and some are refusing to be vaccinated. Regardless, their freedoms has been greatly controlled.

The Bible tells us that a world leader will come forward and set up a scheme to identify all of us, and to police us so we are obeying the rules. This governorship is waiting in the shadows while I write this.

Authoritative power over the world and every individual needs a system of mass identification. It is being worked on NOW. Actually, it is ready to launch, just as quickly as the COVID vaccines were launched.

Mass identification will be done by an injection that uses the Luciferin Immunoprecipitation System (LIPS), which contains an element called luciferin. This substance is a light-emitting compound found in organisms that generate “light” (scientifically called bioluminescence). Lightning bugs have this substance. Luciferin, therefore, is an enzyme-catalyzed oxidation that emits light. If used as a tattoo or an identifying symbol, it can be seen and read under the skin. This scientific development is being experimented under the ideas and funding of Bill Gates, and others in harmony with his socialistic ideology. LIPS has been patented under the number 060606. You can Google this is you don’t believe me.

So I’ll bet you are asking how can a person be identified after they have this Luciferin (mark) under their skin? Simple. A wireless computer system will identify all individuals by a digital program run by software called Inferno. All of what I am speaking of is available now. I am not making this stuff up. Everything you need to know about Luciferase and luciferin can be gleaned from

Luciferase and the software program called Inferno is the technology of a soon to come microchip, or mark. The Bible tells us in Revelation chapter 13 that the number of the Beast is 666 and without this number on your forehead or hand you cannot buy or sell. It’s man’s number….the identification number the authorities will give in the processes of injection. If a person disobeys they will suffer consequences. We are already being threatened and manipulated if we do not get the COVID vaccine. All we hear from the Biden Administration and other progressives world-wide is get vaccinated. Over and over again…..get the shots. Some places are demanding vaccination in order to come through their doors. I believe that the great push for vaccination is the precursor of conditioning people into receiving the mark 666.

Let’s discuss what God tells us in the Bible about this Beast of 666.

The Bible says that there are two Beasts (evil people using evil force) who come out of hiding to take authority. Who are they?   

The answer may not be hard to figure out. Read Revelation chapter 13:1-10.  This Scripture tells us that the first Beast has seven heads and there are also ten horns on its head.

Let’s talk about the seven heads and ten horns of the Beast.

The Beast that Rises out of the Sea is the first beast mentioned in Revelation – (another Beast comes later). I hope to discuss the second Beast in a later writing. But for now, let’s stick to the first Beast, who undoubtedly is the system of control and identification of all business transactions. He (or the system) has seven heads and ten horns (crowns) upon his head. This means that he is not just one person. He rules in conjunction with all the powerful nations of the world. At this moment of world history we have the G-7 nations (seven heads) and the G-10 nations (ten horns). Likely, a powerful leader will come out of one of these G-nations and serve as the dictator of the new world system of identification. This person will be a powerful and authoritative leader.

What is the G-10?

The Group of Ten (G-10) refers to the group of countries that agreed to participate in the General Arrangements to Borrow (GAB), an agreement to provide the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with additional funds to increase its lending ability. It is a powerful group of nations involved in the world’s money –i.e., world-wide treasury and borrowing. My guess is that the conglomeration of these nations will create the 666 mark of identification and find a way to force it upon the world’s population. Then, Bingo! We have a world dictator – called the antichrist (Revelation 13:18) and the Mark 666.

The head of this system will rise to great fame, and the Luciferase chip will be mandated world-wide. Peace and health will be promised because we are all so frightened of getting sick and dying. The person elected to head this system will gain great glory . . .  even be worshiped according to Revelation.

Now this is interesting: The word COVID-19 (the corona virus) means crowns in Hebrew (biblical language) . . . diadem or crown – or the head of something – a monarch – king – queen – ruler – kingdom or empire. Therefore, it is not strange that the microscopic view of COVID has crowns. It’s amazing to me that God pulls everything together and shows more than one thing to reveal His Word.

The research of Sars-Cov-2, which is Corona-COVID-19, shows 10 microscopic reading frames. Note the number 10 again.

This image is a microscopic photo showing the many crowns of COVID. Within this virus there are ten frames of microscopic view and analysis. This is important, so hang onto this as I move forward.

We have heard a lot about the “mutations” of COVID-19. First we had the Delta Variant and now the Omicron Variant is on the scene. I believe there are more coming. I say this because what is really interesting is that the 10th microscopic frame of the COVID Virus shows a mutation analysis of what is called Orf-10, and this 10th frame is frightful. Let me explain why. Scientific study demonstrates that the mutation analysis of Orf10 reveals protein interactions which imply that the Orf10 mutation function is definitely present within COVID, and it is a strong and permanent mutation. In other words, it is present in COVID, and permanent like the simple cold virus which never goes away. You cannot get rid of it.

You can read more about Orf10 from The National Library of Medicine: written on May 1, 2021: (It appears that this cite has been taken down.) Google it for other discussions if you want more information.

Important and Serious

This is the written conclusion of this 10th frame of the COVID Virus, and it’s extremely frightening: The results demonstrate that it can be further combined with advanced tools such as molecular simulation, artificial intelligence, and biosensors that can reveal protein interactions which can be manipulated, and thus strongly implies that the Orf10 function of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) can, and may already be manipulated scientifically into variants that will continue into our future, if they are launched. That means that other variants can easily be produced and launched upon the world. I’m not on a scare journey by any means. This is true and is serious. People need to be aware that we have evil leaders working with, and in the scientific labs, and are putting us at their mercy. (Note that Christ said in Matthew chapter 24 that pestilences would come during the Last Days.)

So, the mutation analysis of Orf10 appears to also correlate with the 10 Horns of the Beast 666. This beastly thing will keep control, and now we see how it may be done. The Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Crowns will use fear to take power and dominance. Pandemics with lots of mutations are the best way, and scientists have this capability in the Orf10 mutation analysis of its protein. Or, they have power like China to make new viruses and let them leak out. I believe right now that evil men and scientists are using the fear of COVID-19 to further their means to gain world control. Most everyone is getting accustomed to rolling up their sleeves and getting a vaccination. I have received 2 injections of the Moderna vaccine and also the booster. I am not adverse about vaccines, but I see how the Mark of The Beast will be easy to launch.

So, Who and What is the G10?

  • The G-10 nations grew in 1964 by the association of the an eleventh member, Switzerland, at that time was not a member of the IMF. The name of the group has remained the same all these years. In 2011, Spain and Australia also joined. They have power as they the band together.


            My statements of this coming edict are documented in the Book of Revelation and contain my research of COVID-19, plus my insights into daily world-wide newscasts. My novel – Hidden in Irish Hills – is making more sense everyday. I thank God for giving me this creative fiction story, for I believe that within it is the stark reality that there is soon coming a time of great persecution upon the world. We need to get ready for it, if God does not rescue us. On the last page of this novel I have a message and prayer for all who are not resting in the salvation of Jesus Christ. Whomever picks this book up and reads it will be given my personal invitation to accept Jesus as their Savior. For this purpose alone it is important that people get this book and that they encourage others to read it.

My book, Hidden in Irish Hills gives a glimpse of what the world might look like when the 666 chip is forced under the skin of all people. It’s a fiction story, but it is based on the reality of Scripture. The idea behind this novel comes from my 10-year study of prophetic Scripture and also much time researching the COVID virus. This book can be ordered on or from

God bless you.

To All A Merry Christmas!

On a snowy wintry night, warming at the fireplace and enjoying the sparkling lights on the tree, the scene is set for Christmas. It is Christmas Eve, and the quiet night marks the beginning of the celebration Christians look forward to every year. Unbelievers love it too, and celebrate in different ways, but for the Christian, Christmas is the time to fully worship with thankful hearts that Jesus, the Son of God, came to save the world. It is a special day of merrymaking and remembrance.

This picture is of the fire place in my living room. I love dragging out our Christmas decorations and baking special things, and listening to traditional Christmas Carols and hymns. My husband loves it too.

In a corner cubby of our living room I added something special last year.

The lighted word – JOY.

The pandemic, and government control, was threatening to steal our joy. How ironic it might seem to those who do not trust in Jesus that I would buy the lighted word, “JOY”. Yet so very appropriate, because even in the loneliness of not being with our family members and friends, the joy of Christmas filled our hearts. Nothing could quench our joy.

As I walk around our house this Christmas season, and handle all the Christmas ornaments and hear Christmas carols streaming from our entertainment center, I’m thankful that the darkness and sin of the world fades and the presence of God fills my heart. I am thankful, even though many I have known and loved have passed away this year. Some from COVID, which seems to stab my heart more than death from natural causes, because I see the evil intent of this virus. Still, the peace of the Christmas message overrules my emotions, and Christmas continues with grateful happiness.

As I pass our front door, I see the small lighted tree that we tucked in the corner of our porch.

Notice the little white feet hanging from a round wreath. It says everything that Christmas brings . . . snow and snowmen, home, and happy celebration. I feel like a kid whenever I hang that wreath.

Truly, there’s “snowplace” like home for the holidays!

I hope your Christmas celebration this year is blessed. Even if tragedy or illness or death has sullied this past year for you, Jesus has the answers and the peace that passes all understanding.

My husband, and I, wish all my Followers, and every Internet surfer, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year.

“Hidden in Irish Hills” – A Christian novel of futuristic impact, By Mary Cates


Suspense, compelling intrigue, and the joy of happy surprise are woven throughout this novel of possible future happenings. Travel with Rachael Carson on her secret mission to escape advancing evil and stay hidden in her mansion at Irish Hills.

Rachael foreknew the dangers of surviving in a world dominated by evil dictators and Godless leaders. Tyranny was on the horizon when a mammoth military action suddenly occurred in the area of the Mediterranean Sea. The end of her family fortune and all she loved was coming to a quick end. Taking on enormous risks to save her wealth from being stolen by evil leaders, she and her husband devised a top-secret plan to escape. But they must hurry, because The Ten Great Nations of the world are feverously salivating to manipulate every nation on the planet. Unexpectedly, her husband is shot and dies before they begin the detailed secret plan. She is now alone, except for her faithful employee, Maggie. Abandoning her New York penthouse and taking permanent shelter in her hidden mansion is Rachael’s first step. From there she plans to turn her mansion into a mission to save victims who become homeless. A Christian underground network secretly helps, by transporting victims to the Irish Hills mansion. The stories coming from these persecuted victims is heart-wrenching. But even with all the savvy skills and unrelenting courage that Rachael possesses, questions arise. Is her faith and courage strong enough to keep them surviving? How long will their food hold out and how long before the authorities discover them? Will they bow to the evil government?

Stay the Course, Sailor

The world population of almost 8 billion people is still in the process of treading water – hoping for rescue from all that has come across the globe in the last 20 months. It’s been a wild ride! More than ever before in our lifetimes, the last two years will be remembered for its phenomenal events, ranging from COVID, mass civil unrest, election disputes, Middle East shakeups, multiple business failures, soaring prices . . . and what we wise Christians see as the great falling away from God.

The comfort and help we need – which keeps you and I from complaining that it’s not easy being a human being – is the love of our family and friends, and of most importance, the promises in God’s Holy Word.

I hope you are staying the course. I am surely trying. I admit that I’m tired of treading the deep waters, but I’m staying afloat, knowing that whatever the stress, or fear, or unrest that comes my way, God has the answer and will move powerfully into it. I say this because I know! I’ve had many serious problems, of various things throughout my life. One event, especially, has been deeply hurtful. It has not been solved, but I can testify that God’s grace is sufficient to keep me going forward, and stay the course. So, I encourage you – don’t give up on your efforts to have victory and success in all that you set out to do.

God is faithful.


I must tell you, although I don’t like to keep talking about my new book release, “Hidden in Irish Hills”, but the exciting thing is that Amazon is running a sale on it. I’m thinking the book is a great Christmas gift for those in your life who like to read. It would be a perfect gift for anyone who loves suspense, exciting mystery, and love. It’s not a fluffy novel by any means. By that I mean, it’s not a “girly novel”. It’s a page turner for men and women alike, and of all ages. This story is set in the times we are in right now, and moves excitingly into the future. On the last page is the personal invitation to accept Christ as Savior. Yes, right on that page is your opportunity to invite an unsaved friend or loved one to come to Christ. I hope you will click into Amazon now and take advantage of the sale. Buy 2 books and get one free.

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Thank you, and God bless you and your family.

October Glory

It’s quite unusual that here in southern Michigan we are experiencing warm temperatures and no frost yet. By this time on the calendar we should have had a heavy frost on the ground and most of our flowers completely spun out. Only mums should be in full bloom, but the strange thing is that hydrangeas are still popping flower buds and so are the roses. It is strange indeed, and this gives authors and freelance writers a good subject to write about.

I hope it signals a warm winter, even as I wonder if there is something significant taking place that requires the wisdom of God to see and understand. That’s where our wise biblical knowledge comes in.


The picture above shows what our October Glory tree should look like. . . a sparkling beautiful crimson red. 

The photo above shows how the tree looks today – still green and still growing. (It’s a young tree, planted just a couple of years ago.)

God has certainly blessed this part of the country. As spring and summer has come and gone on the calendar, we have had no major storms in our community and there has been no rise in criminal activity. However, there is still lots of COVID being reported, which is very grievous. But, looking out at the golf course beyond the patio, at calm and peace, no one would know that a world-wide pandemic is still going on and there is unrest everywhere. I often wonder what horrendous battle might be going on in the lives of my neighbors or in the many golfers who play the 18-hole golf course across that spreads beyond the pond? I hear the golfer’s laughter. They laugh and hoot at both their good plays and bad. To sit at the patio table and watch the fish jump in the pond and take in all that surrounds me, I sense that God is in control. But with the peace I often thing that many are in desperate need of His saving grace. I am convicted that I should know more about my neighbors, and with that convictions I pray that God will open avenues for me to share the hope that is within me. For I am not a door-knocking person. I am often bold at the computer keyboard, but timid in real life.

Who knows what lies in the deep crevasses of our hearts? Our lives often reflect an outward view of calm and peace, while sometimes inside we may have a storm going on – caused by the enemy of our soul. I am reminded of a very short verse in the Bible that speaks volumes whenever we are in spiritual or physical distress. “Be still and know that I am God“, Psalm 46:10. Eight words that have the power of God in them to calm whatever we are facing.

I hope God’s presence will be powerful in your life today. Really powerful!!!! So that you know He is there. May you be surrounded with His October glory.

  This is my newly published Christian novel – a riveting story of courage, suspense, and unsuspected love. Written for such an hour as this. As a new author of Ambassador International Christian Publishing your support is of great help as I trust God for the audience He has for this book. The book is available on


Fingers On the Computer Keyboard

  There are no scientific DNAs or electronic lists of words giving me information. On the contrary, it is just my fingers plucking away on the computer keyboard and my words coming out like a lone voice into a global wilderness. And so, what the world recently received was the creation of my novel Hidden in Irish Hills — appearing like a baby suddenly rescued and placed into the arms of humans who would take it and profit. Of almost 8 billion people on this earth, it remains a mystery who will enjoy and profit from this gift of words that was given to me from the highest source possible, like words as though they are  “The People’s” most  influential documents in history. Please do not take this as being excessively proud of myself, or carnally exaggerating my qualities or abilities. The truth is that I struggle with gross inferiority. I am simply saying that this novel came into my mind and my spirit from another source far greater than I. Yes, greater than the success of J.K. Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter series. Indeed, the Voice that leads me is contrary to Rowling’s fiction writings which were supposedly inspired by an erroneous rumor that a female named Doris Crockford – who is a witch in Britain – greeted Harry Potter in the Leaky Cauldron on the way to Harry’s first trip into Diagonal Alley.  Rowling’s novels are steeped in the evil world of satanic activity….her success is not from God, but from the dark spirit world. 

And acknowledging that, it leads me to say that the world of “fake” is all around us, even in the publishing industry. It’s amazing the fake things most authors do to get an audience. Some pay for stars and reviews on Amazon to make them look popular. Some pay for bogus awards that are simply framed documents that make them look prestigious, but they amount to nothing to those who really know. I have witnessed the merchandising of manuscripts causing a frenzy of greed. Granted, if you are a Follower of this blog, you are aware that I seek an audience. But it is not for myself, but for the One who has given me the gift of writing. God is sovereign and He controls everything in my life. The truth is that He could wither my flesh with leprosy and cast me upon the garbage pile if He chose to do so.

My website is public. I accept very few Followers, and recently purged my list of Followers — of which you are one if this post was sent to your email inbox. You, and the public are everyone walking the paths of global business affairs, entertainment, sports, retirement, and family. A vast wonderful audience of people in which God has complete sovereignty. 

My hour as an author is now. The good wine in my life is ready to drink.

And so, Hidden in Irish Hills is like wine in a new flask, the messages in this book await to be tasted by everyone. It is for a purpose. There is a message of hope hidden in every chapter….you simply need to find it. 

For the public surfer who has just entered this website, please know that this book is available on and the storyline is also posted there. Simply ask for Hidden in Irish Hills by Mary Cates. The book can also be ordered at all stores where books are sold. Also available at

Okay, I’m almost ready to sign off for now, but first I am compelled to say this, because it’s true and been bugging me for a log time. What has been my most disappointing experience with my church and many of my friends has been the discovery that my books have been read second hand, by passing them around rather than buying them. This simply tells me that my audience is NOT my church, but people like you, the public. It would be great if you would repost this article to your social medias…..Facebook, Tweeter, Linkedin, etc., and even to your private data list. You are my audience. You are the human lifeline and link to my work. I know this, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you are a new public internet surfer, please mark my blog in our favorites or bookmarks so you can be updated, or better yet, request to be a Follower. I will have more news for you. Another exciting novel is coming out soon, which is of a different subject and setting. I will post its’ arrival as soon as my publisher (Ambassador International Publishers) releases it for pre-order.

God bless you my friend.

COVID – Afghanistan – the Border – the World. What’s it All About?

It comes at us from all corners of the world: COVID and its variants – Americans forsaken in Afghanistan and the Taliban now owning the country – the runaway train of the US Congress with its $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan heading for an economic implosion – and the over-all restless fear that has griped the world. The words of Hal David’s song “Alfie” sum up the questions we are asking. Mainly, what’s it all about?

The words of this 1966 Paramount movie song, “Alfie” showcase our world 55 years later and still asks the right questions. The movie was geared for mature audiences (and quite frankly, violated Christian principles), but it brought out the immoral conduct of the world, both then and now. The questions are penetrating: Is it just for the moment we live, Alfie? Are we meant to be kind? And if only fools are kind, then is it okay to be cruel?

Listen up Alfie — what about life? If life belongs only to the strong, what then will you lend to that old vexing golden rule? If we have it all, who needs the golden rule? Alfie seems to Look at it this way, if you have the gold, you rule!

I’m convinced there’s a million “Alfie’s” who haven’t a clue to the right answer. Poor bewitched Alfie’s, they appear lost in a world of a thousand lies and selfish narcissisms, including the consequences that follow.

But then, the questions stop and the song goes into a profound statement that sums up the real crux of the matter. Alfie is lost and struggling in a loveless world. The statement probes his conscience, and finally turns the story into reality. The truth comes from the one who is asking the questions – and its piercing. The lyrics read: I believe there’s a heaven above, and I know there’s something much more. Something even non-believers can believe in.

What is it?

It’s love!* And taking it a step further, it is the unconditional love God has for each of us!

Alfie hears the answer. The greatest line in the entire song is this: “Without true love we just exist.” Until we find love (the unconditional love of God) we are nothing. We’ve missed the most important fact of life . . .that God loves us.

Unless you live in a bubble, you know that the world is changing faster than you can blink an eye. Our only hope is found in the love of God, and trusting in the salvation of Jesus, His Son.

I wrote Hidden in Irish Hills as “fiction”, but between the lines run the truth of what may well be coming. The story focuses on the plight of Rachael Carson, a wealthy real estate tycoon who sees her life suddenly taking twists and turns. For a while it seems that love is gone and hope is lost. Where is God? What’s it all about? She waits for the answers. One evening, while she writes in her journal, God brings to her the instruction to wait for His answer. She writes . . .

        “I must wait for God, long and meekly, in the wind and wet, in the thunder and lightning, in the cold and the dark. I must wait, and He will come, for He never comes to those who do not wait.” (Words penned from Fr. Fredrick William Faber)

We can wait for the answers, and rejoice while doing so, although for a short time we may be in heaviness through multiple twists and turns. (I Peter 1:6, my emphasis)

Hidden in Irish Hills” is a story for today. Its message is NOW. A tale of suspense, courage, and love that hits the mark of what may be just in front of us. The world is changing. Things are coming together fast.

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For a glimpse of Rachael and the people in her life, watch this short 2-minute video. Capture a bit of the suspense, as you see world leaders gathered at the conference table, planning their next move. Click here:

[*Photo of “Love” painted in Times Square from]

Afghanistan’s Chaos an Oman?

By Mary Cates


The chaos in Afghanistan is heavy on my heart, but even as I pray for them, this is a great day for me! The serious problems in Afghanistan astoundingly coincide with my newly released novel: “Hidden in Irish Hills”. . .at least to a serious extent.

This book is available immediately, and it carries a riveting story of what might be just around the corner. Filled with suspense, courage and love, “Hidden in Irish Hills” is a story you must read, now. Things are shaping up quickly, and this novel may give you the insight you need. It’s available all over the US in bookstores. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get it is to order on Amazon at this address:

If you wonder where world affairs presently sit, and what may lie ahead, you will find this book exciting and entertaining, possibly revealing hidden truth for you within it pages.

Here is a short “tease” of the story. . .

Hidden in Irish Hills is a novel that begins with a surprise military action that unfolds in the Mediterranean Sea, and threatens world peace. Rachael Carson, a wealthy real estate tycoon, decides to flee her New York City penthouse and move to her mansion in Irish Hills. With the thought of an impending world takeover by The Ten Great Nations, she plots to save her wealth and rescue persecuted victims, using the help and skill of her beloved maid, Maggie. Together, as they are Hidden in Irish Hills, they take an enormous risks by launching a top-secret plan, which includes working with a secret organization called the BBO, that helps homeless victims find their way to her hidden mansion. Their mission brings them two unexpected guests when Dr. Kendall arrives at the mansion with an abandoned baby. Quickly the mansion is filled with fourteen victims. With the new arrival of both Dr. Kendall and the abandoned baby, Rachael’s life takes on new dimensions. Her love for both of them grows and brings joy, as well as inner romantic struggles. Restrictions tighten up at the mansion as government tyranny heightens. Hunger, sickness, and death knock at their door. Rules and regulations turn the mansion into a place so different it seems peculiar…Rachael cannot help but feel like a stranger in her own home. Hidden in Irish Hills tells the story of corrupt government, survival of natural disasters, courage against tremendous odds, and faith that believes in miracles. As each page is turned, both joy and fear heighten. A grueling question is always present — will they survive?

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About my personal life. I have enjoyed several careers — school nurse, proprietor of an antique shop, freelance writing, and published author. I was raised in a Christian home, where my father was a pastor. Jesus has always been in my life, and His saving grace is what sparked a life-long desire to witness for Him and serve Him with my talents. “Hidden in Irish Hills” is one of my works for the Lord. I am married and have one son and two grandsons. I am retired from my School Nurse career, which deeply educated me in communicable diseases. COVID-19 is extremely interesting to me, as I study how it was leaked from a lab, and what has been done to get it under control and eradicated. I keep myself informed of the latest world news and strive to use the skills God has given me to showcase Jesus to those who do not know Him.

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I read something the other day that expressed happiness as a spiritual experience of love, grace, and thankfulness. In other words, it’s not something found on a treasure hunt, but rather it exists within ourselves. The evidence of it can be found in our goals and what we consider our purpose in life. Happiness and joy has miraculous evidence even as we experience the evils of the world, which is moving farther into godlessness. Sadly, I see enough happening today to believe we are experiencing the “End of Days” as described by the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy chapter 3.

I draw attention to Rachael Carson, the heroine in my novel “Hidden in Irish Hills”. I created her character with many of the values you and I carry — a desire for happiness, along with notable purpose. Rachael’s desire was to do everything in her power to use what God had given her to save herself, and rescue others in a world that had gone mad with evil power. She courageously gambled the odds in order to survive.

I am excited about this book because right NOW it is being sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores throughout the country, and the world. The storyline focuses on a suspenseful plot, with events popping up that appear to showcase what End Time prophesy might be like when God’s prophetic clock begins to strike the midnight hour. There is intrigue, love and grace woven throughout every page. Although this book is fiction, reality speaks between the lines.

I began writing this novel several years ago. Today I am astounded to see how the plot is spot-on for what is happening right now — things that could bring the End. My observance grew as I saw the violence and lawlessness running ramped throughout major cities in our country last summer. Massive civil unrest throughout the world also added to my belief that the world is getting ripe for the antichrist. COVID-19 raised my eyebrows, mainly because the epidemic may have been deliberately caused. Yet, considering the killing power of this “created” virus makes its something of evil intention, regardless of how we view it. Then, more astonishment came after 2021 arrived. We are experiencing an all-out war against God, our Constitution and deliberate desecrating of the moral codes we have followed for over 245 years. I believe we are living in the last minutes before the events spoken of in Revelation begin to occur. Hidden in Irish Hills has become a novel that everyone will benefit reading.

Proudly, this is the third publication of this novel, for which I thank Ambassador International Publishers for recognizing its value. They have taken this book to heart and worked hard to give it superb editing and a breathtaking ending.  

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God bless you all!