In The Heat of The Battle

I follow many blogs, and notice that most are uplifting and refrain from posting political opinion. That is certainly “safe”. But as Solomon wrote, there comes a time for everything. I believe the time is right for good people to stand up and be heard regarding the shenanigans and criminal actions that have taken place in the 2020 Presidential Election. It was Edmund Burke who said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing.”

So, today I’m not holding back. I want to be counted as someone who believes in law and order and the Constitution of The United States of America. I rebuke the Marxist ideology and the tactics of the radical groups that are trying to destroy our country. If I lose followers for letting my voice be heard, so be it. For the most important thing at the moment for me, and for those who are honest law abiding citizens, is to speak out now against what is going on.

The following article was written by Bill Perkins of Campass International, Inc. It is with his permission that I post his words as also my commentary concerning the Election on November 3, 2020. Here is his statement. . .

In the heat of the battle, it’s often hard to see who’s winning. This is particularly true in the Presidential battle this year.

God often lets a situation look impossible to overcome before His Will becomes known. Think of Gideon fighting with only 300 men against 30,000 enemies—and winning. Or David defeating Goliath. Or even Israel being plopped down in the middle of 70 million Muslims with no army and no government in 1948, yet still here today against all odds.

It’s not the national networks that determine who wins our national election. We spent 30 days hearing Gore was the President Elect before Bush won in court.

In our case, it’s not even the electoral college that’s in control. Rather, it’s the Creator God of this universe, who spoke it into existence—He is always in control. He is the One who determines who wins and loses elections.

It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; Daniel 2:21b

At the moment, Satan is doing his best to convince the world that Biden has won the American Presidential election.

All major networks have declared him the winner, sending chills down the spine of most every true Believer.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., are openly pushing Biden as the heir apparent to the Presidency. Will the “most corrupt politician ever(1)” win over President Trump?

On election night President Trump appeared not only to have held his base from the last election but also to have convinced hordes of others that didn’t vote for him in 2016 that he was doing exactly what he promised.

Between what President Trump has done in the Middle East, for blacks and Latinos, oil and gas, small businesses, our economy, and a long list of other things, the proof was there.

Despite the Russia investigations, the impeachment, and the fact that CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., never reported the truth about what he accomplished in four years with one hand tied behind his back, the truth still is known, especially by the Lord.

By the time this election came down to voting, Trump was drawing tens of thousands to ALL his rallies (see pic of Trump rally) while Biden mostly stayed home. When Biden did speak, it was ALWAYS to only a handful of people.

America voted and they voted for Trump in large, energetic numbers. Most of us went to bed at peace on election night thinking Trump had won the election due to solid leads in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina.

But then the coordinated three-hour pause in those swing states happened in the middle of the night. Mysteriously, hundreds of thousands of votes appeared in Biden’s name with zero corresponding votes for Trump. Nor did these ghost-Biden voters vote in any down-ballot races.

The fraud was immense and obvious. But what can anybody do about it? The remedy is just what the President is doing…he’s taking his case to court to get the justice he deserves.

When it reaches the Supreme Court, and this is where most constitutional scholars think it will end up, President Trump will make his case that there was massive voting fraud on a national scale.

Whether the unexplained middle-of-the-night fake ballots are proven invalid due to lack of official watermarks(3), or from testimony by all those who personally witnessed and documented the corruption(1), or from states using “Hammer” software that changed Trump votes to Biden(5), the Supreme Court could easily declare this Presidential election invalid due to fraud on a national scale.

If the election is deemed fraudulent by the Supreme Court, and it’s hard to believe they won’t, there are two possible directions they could go:

1) They could rule that all the mail-in ballots should NOT be counted and each state be audited for recount.


2) They could use the 12th Amendment(4) to the Constitution, which clearly lays out what to do if an election is deemed inconclusive or thrown out due to proven fraud.

If the 12th Amendment is used, the House of Representatives votes on the President, BY STATE, not by electors. Each state gets one vote. The Senate votes for Vice-President.

There are currently 29 states controlled by Republicans and 19 by Democrats (#6 reference). If the 12th Amendment is declared, President Trump will win. If only the legal ballots are counted, President Trump will win. Therefore, if this goes to the Supreme Court, we have a good chance of President Trump being reelected!

End of quote.

A special note from me: If you support this article, please post it into your social networks for others to read, and keep praying for God’s will for our country.

4) 12th Amendment to the Constitution

Through It All

As the year is starting to come to a close, we will never forget 2020 and the COVID-19 virus.

When I heard last February that something was headed toward the United States – something that had life-threatening capability – I wondered if God had taken His hand off this planet. I was frightened. I still am extremely concerned.

I remember back in March how we were told to put our groceries in a secluded place for three days. We were waiting for the virus to die, in the event it came home to us from the store. We ran around the house disinfecting every surface, and began wearing face masks even while walking outside by ourselves. We prayed that the invisible enemy would not find us. Today, we have relaxed somewhat and in a couple of months life may get back to what we were used to.

It’s been eight months since the plague came, and we stand back surveying the losses this horrible virus brought to the world, and our nation. Even now, as I write this message, statistics show that COVID is not whipped yet. It will take a vaccine to conquer it.

We have encountered a new kind of fear – a fear that our sheltered lives never knew before. The virus has caused us to postpone joyful events, change our regular routines, and wear a mask wherever we go. Almost everything we were used to doing changed in one way or another, while medical science searched for answers, and we prayed to stay safe.

Through it all, I believe we have gained a great deal of wisdom, and learned to put our faith into greater focus. Life that once burned up every ounce of our energy has hopefully settled down with a greater appreciation of time. Through it all, I believe most of us have gained a greater appreciation of our freedoms.

As we look toward to next week and the Election of a President, let us vote with wisdom, and remember that God is always in control no matter what the outcome is. Nothing slips through His hand without His knowledge and permission — not the COVID-19 virus, or the 2020 Election. It is His plan that governs the world and the nations.

I leave you with this verse of Scripture:

“And He (God) changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and He gives knowledge to them that know understanding.”(Daniel 2:21)

God bless you.

Run to Him

I came across this the other day. I think you’ll enjoy it.

There was a wagon train crossing the prairie. The caravan traveled up and over a hill and the people became immediately terrified when they saw a huge prairie fire racing toward their direction. It seemed as if they would surely be engulfed by the flames. But the leader quickly rode to the rear of the caravan and set fire to the dry grass behind them. The same winds that were blowing the fierce fire toward them was now fanning this fire behind the caravan, quickly burning up the grass behind them. Within minutes they backed their wagons onto the burned-off area. As the heat and smoke from the fire ahead became more intense, a little girl cried out, “Are you sure we’re safe?” “Oh, yes,” said the wagon master, “we’re safe because we are standing now where the fire has already been!”

I hope you’re getting the spiritual connection.

True security and safety is not the absence of danger, but the presence of Christ in us. He is our hiding place……the safe ground upon which we stand. We know that He often allows – and even sends – rough winds which make the limb we hang onto rock and sway so furiously until we finally see and understand that earth and its pleasures are not the place God wants us to build upon. It is then we run to our secret hiding place of safety and comfort, which is in Him.

I often look at this Holy Hiding Place as a picture of someone running to meet their spouse, or a child running to their parent because they need their arms of safety around them. I hope you know this Hiding Place.

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The Sweet Buds of July

By Mary Cates ©

Shall I dare to compare the days of summer to those of the past, when I breathed without a filtering mask and stood fearlessly with strangers in Macy’s customer lines, and ate at Apple Bee’s with no thought of who was in front and behind my booth – and sat close to friends at church? Indeed, rough winds are shaking the darling buds of July, and I find a baby rabbit eating my prized peonies as though it is his last meal. This summer is much too hot and the eye of heaven shines down making my freckles pop out like popcorn exploding in the microwave. But dare I complain?

Sometimes the beautiful complexion of God dims as I watch the news each day and learn of the hatred in the hearts of so many young adults who are roaming the streets and causing mass confusion. I choke back tears at the panoramic view of major cities maimed by senseless behavior. The disgusting ruin lies bare in plain sight for the world to see, and I repeat the words on the sign in the photo: “We are better than this!”

In the face of all that troubles me, the Corona Virus drags its shadow everywhere as it steals more of the peace I once knew. I wonder if the eternal lines of time and mankind are approaching the final climax. Could this be the beginning of sorrows?

But oh, when sweet birds sing and I see the beautiful glory of twilight after the sun fades in the west, and I sink comfortably in my bed, I rest from worry, knowing there is Someone greater than all that troubles me. He is in control – and I sleep.

Awakening to the brilliance of dawn I sense the “love” that controls all things beyond the ruin I went to bed with. Earth appears in pure fullness of beauty, surrounded in a showcase of spectacular control far beyond human reason. I would be so dull to pass this by. For in my brooding moods and fearful trembling, the complexion of God shines through like a flash in my eye, reminding me that though the world is far too much for me, it remains the footstool of God, and He is in command.

So, I say to the rough winds of July – go ahead and shake the buds. And to you, my sweet baby rabbit — eat to your heart’s content. For all is well with my soul, and that is what really counts.

This is the promise of today: “God will supply all your needs according to His riches and glory – through His Son Christ Jesus.

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The Little Woman

With just ten dollars in her pocket, Gladys courageously took the challenge to embark on a long trip by train from England to Yangcheng, China.

I just finished reading the life story of Gladys Aylward…a fantastic “little” lady who gave twenty years of her life, from 1934 to 1954, to help the Chinese people live better lives, and to know the true God. If I had read only the first chapters of her long journey, twisting and turning through Germany and Russia to finally reach China, it would have been enough to fill my spirit with excitement and the courage that we human beings are capable of just about anything. I couldn’t put the book down.

I read through, reliving her joys and sorrows. I read of 100 young Christian converts standing their ground against a gang of brute atheist Communists. The young converts were lined up and forced to watch as one by one each were beheaded. They had a chance to save their lives by denouncing their faith in Jesus, but they stood strong and unmovable. I read of beautiful Chinese ladies and wonderful men, with hearts of charity, helping Gladys when she didn’t know which turn to take, or how to feed the hungry children who came to her Inn.

I closed the book thinking that I have a soft life here in America, while at the same time realizing that there is plenty to do in my own nation to help the poor and heal the divisions. Doing so might be as difficult a challenge as Gladys had, because of the many changes that have taken place in just the last five months.

This was no rinky-dink book. The story was captured in a Hollywood movie starring Ingrid Bergman – “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness” – 1958. Widely entertaining, it depicts the power of God that strengthens a person to do impossible things …..even in a poor city in China.

I know of many who are going through difficult situations. Some are ill. Some are awaiting surgery. Some have broken families. Some have lost their jobs. Some are like Gladys, hoping that someone will come and lend a hand, or just give them a word of encouragement. What is the personal challenge in our little corner of the world? Hopefully we are meeting it.

Gladys brought to China the word that God loves us all, and that His Son, Jesus brings salvation and peace. This message of love saved thousands in China and brought salvation to many in the US through her book and the movie.

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Where is Love?

Copyright, Mary Cates

In this Tony Award-winning British musical the song “Where is Love” swept the world with these lyrics: “Where is love? Does it fall from skies above? Is it underneath the willow tree that I’ve been dreaming of?”

The theme is not a search for romantic love, but rather the sweet someone of love is a form of literature, and it seems to cry of weariness and for something deep in the heart that Oliver is missing.

I will admit I am weary – both of the Chinese Virus named COVID-19 and the meanness spewing in the streets of major cities throughout the world. I do see a great lack of love. Let’s be honest: there is no love in the red paint splashed on esteemed historical statues. No love spewing from the bloody head of a person who is hit with a brick. No love in the salty tears of a store owner who sees his building looted and burning to the ground.

Where is love? The answers are often left in limbo, but truth can be found in wise men of old who wrote profound words. Words like this: “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

Is this mush? I think not. It’s the means for peace.

The world is changing rapidly. Our lives have been altered to what we dub the “new norm”. So the question is this, are we strong enough to survive in a world plagued with a killing virus and streets filled with anger and hate? I think we are if love will find its way.

Oliver longed for a “sweet hello”. Is this not what we long for behind the face mask we wear in the store? Is it not the sweet hello of friends that we wish for — the stranger’s smile, the embrace of a loved one? We long to be free of Corona and the violent demonstrations throughout the world.

Where is love?

It’s in you and I, if we will allow it to be shed abroad in our hearts.

I Would Have Fainted…

Cooped up for almost 4 months – wearing a mask to pick up groceries and mulling over all sorts of thoughts and emotions, I have found myself pondering words that came off the press almost 3 years ago……when my spirit was revved up and ready to reach for the stars.

The essence of what I wrote back then was to avoid all defeatist thoughts and negative advice and move forward with your dreams. If you fail, so what. At least you tried.

Life is full of “tries”. Not everything we do gets applauds or has significant outcomes. But the “try” is worth the power and the plan that inspires us, even if the results may never be known. For instance, that smile you gave to someone passing you may have been the thing that kept their hopes going. Who knows that a smile or a sweet word can do?

If Corona keeps going – if destruction continues to mount across our country – if finances tumble – if hunger comes….we have one sure promise: God will never leave those who put their trust in Him.

“I would have fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD… So I wait on Him and take courage, and He strengthens my heart as I wait.”

During World War II, when it looked like the enemy might win, Roosevelt said we have nothing to fear but fear itself. That meant for Americans to keep pushing forward with hope – keep projecting your thoughts into all that inspires and gives you hope — and believe that you have what you dream of. This is good medicine for the soul!

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Yesterday I Saw A Miracle

Mary Cates
By Mary Cates

No names are mentioned in this article, but many readers will know of whom I write…

As the hours went by, breathing was getting more difficult. Hope hung in the air that soon the stress and pain of COVID-19 would subside and things would get better. But days later his oxygen level dropped to a critical low. Immediately he was whisked away in an ambulance and rushed into ICU.

The ventilator quickly assisted his lungs while plastic tubes were hooked into various veins, carrying hopeful liquids that would help support life. There was no miracle cure. Putting him into a highly sedated state, it was his body and God that would make the decision one way or another.

No family or visitors were allowed to see him. His wife and daughter were kept at home by strict government mandates and hospital quarantine procedures. Telephone reports from the nurses and doctors were all that was allowed to his wife. No one who loved him was there to comfort him.

This man and his family are not blood-related kin to me, but they are like my “family”. God put them in my life, and my husband’s life years ago. With each year our friendship has grown into something warm and wonderful. They have filled many sorrowful holes in our life. It was heart-wrenching for us to not be with this man and his wife and daughter during this crisis time.

And then, without mercy COVID-19 found its way to his wife. The picture seemed to be changing daily.

My husband and I had experienced many permanent goodbyes in our marriage – both in death and in hurtful shunning. Too many had already gone out of our lives. And now facing the horror of COVID-19 and it’s deadly power, one question kept coming to me again and again, would another be taken from us?

The days went by and the fight for his life kept on. We could do nothing but pray and wait. His wife was thankfully managing the virus at home, isolated from everyone except her loving daughter. The lock-down on all sides was like being in prison.

Where was God? Why was He allowing this pandemic and the nightmare that was following it?

Everyone that knew this family could only do one thing……trust God. That’s all we have sometimes – just to “trust”…..the best we know how to do.

Yesterday I saw two miracles sitting in front of me, as my husband and I sat around a patio able set with snacks and pizza, with this man and his wife sitting appropriately spaced from us. Everyone very much alive and laughing and enjoying each other again. The moments of fear and doubt behind us. The joy of life and living still ahead of us.

Trusting the best we knew how was all that was needed. God took care of the rest.

It’s Time!

By Mary Cates

No one suspected our country would be turned upside down when we were celebrating New Year’ Eve and happily bringing in 2020. But 20 days later the first Corona Virus case showed up in the Pacific Northwest state of Washington in a man who had returned from Wuhan, China. No one was frightened until Italy started experiencing hundreds of cases and the virus began to spread to other European countries. By March 1st our government was warning that an invisible enemy was heading toward the US, and we had better start taking cover.

Some, like me, started to get concerned. By March 15th I was loading up our pantry and taking Matthew Chapter 24 and Revelation Chapter 6 more serious. I had sensed for a long time that something huge was going to happen to the world, but never did I think it would effect my life. Ironically I wrote about expecting unrest and evil increasing around the world in my book: “Take Charge of Your Destiny” which was published in April 2017. Here is a quote from this book:

“We see the birth pains of the end times in all that is taking place within our culture, within our government, and the unrest and evil that is increasing around the globe. These are the warning pangs of what is coming next on the horizon.” (Page 78)

Now it is 4 months later since the first Corona Virus case was documented. Three hundred million Americans have had their lifestyles altered considerably and thousands of them are sick, and hundreds of them have died. Social distancing and lack of entrance into stores and malls and restaurants, along with being orphaned from our family and friends is causing depression – to say nothing of the economic crash.

They call it COVID-19. We know what it does, but do we know what it “is“?

Quite interesting this number 19! In numerology the number 19 represents completion. The number 1 signifies a beginning and the number 9 signifies an end. Also interesting is that the number 19 is only divisible by the number 1 and itself.

Also quite interesting is the word covid, coming close to the word covin or a derivative of it. If something or someone is “covin” it means fraud, a group or person engaged in something to defraud or injure other people. (Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition page 335.) I find even the word corona interesting because it has everything to do with a “crown”. If you are steeped in the knowledge of the White Horseman of Revelation, you might find “corona” as interesting as the number 19 and the word covid.

Since this pandemic came upon the world, and sadly two of my best friends were stricken by this illness – and one of them almost died – I have been in deep contemplation about what is happening and what might lie ahead. Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries has written several enlightening articles that are backed-up by documented truth and Scripture regarding what has happened to us and what may soon be coming. She predicts that we have not seen anything yet!

Americans are being told by progressive globalists that this pandemic will not be stopped until a vaccine is created. With that statement, we have been told to stay in our homes, stop working, stop socializing, stop going to church….stop almost everything that creates life, security, and happiness. Do you see what is happening?

Out of fear you and I may submit to a mandated vaccine. I wonder what else we will be told to do, or not to do? Dr. Fauci of President Trump’s medical team says we will soon be subjected to mandatory testing, tracing, and identification. Are you getting the picture? See a New World Order coming?

I can see in the distance the shadows of many things that may come in the near future, many of them possibly indicating a socialistic government that will strike out our Constitution and nullify many of the rights that we have under the wise framework of our Forefathers. I’m not an alarmist for saying this. All anyone needs to do is read the news wires and watch news channels to get the gist of what’s happening.

The truth about this post is that I struggled to write it and to place it on my website, because most people are blind to what’s actually taking place, and most know little about biblical prophesy – or they just don’t want to read anything negative. I believe it’s time for all of us who know the truth and start talking about it.

If you are still reading and you agree with what this article suggests, I urge you to share this post with your media friends (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and your email contacts. It is important that while there is still time, we talk and share our thoughts and insights about what is happening to our country and to our freedoms. This year is a critical Election Year!

The Birds Keep Singing, My Heart’s At Their Sweet Song

It is “May 2020”. There will be no dancing around the maypole at school or the folklore of celebrating spring — well, not unless we put on our face mask and keep 6 feet away. Who would have guessed this terrible pandemic would come to steal our peace, our contacts of love and fellowship, and worst – the health of those we love!

Yet, in the sadness and our efforts to stay safe I see the robins on my lawn and hear the geese honking in the pond. Some have little babies already!

The animals as well as the birds are frolicking and performing as always. They know nothing of COVID-19. Tenderly I am reminded that not one sparrow falls to the ground without God’s care (Matthew 10:29). But still, I worry every time I pick up groceries that COVID-19 will float into my nostrils. I wear my mask with hopeful confidence that it will keep me safe. And while I slip the elastic around my ears, I am reminded again that we are more valued than many sparrows (verse 31).

In a world of almost 8 billion people, it is hard to fathom God knowing and watching over everyone – but He does! If even the hairs of our heads are numbered by God (verse 30), then everything about us is observed, and is cared for by Him. He is in control and we must trust Him with our lives. We are much more than many sparrows. No matter what comes, we must trust him. (See page 13 of my book: Take Charge of Your Destiny” – the story of my brother Robert.)

God bless and keep you!